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    Idon't know much about EXTJS. Can some one guide me, what is the alternate of 'Lightbox' in EXTJS.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Really thanks for guidance.

    Can some one give me example that how can I apply 'start' and 'limit' parameters to the paging of drop down menu of the combo box.

    My combo box code is as follows:...
  3. How can I get these two or more values in "displayField" , "valueField" from Json.
  4. How can I use pagination in drop down menu?
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    Kindly visit this link

    Go to input Long Beach at Origin field and Hong Kong at Destination.

    After entering 3 letters, a drop down opens and suggests words...
  6. Hi!
    Right now, I have to display round about 10000 [ten thousands] records in combo box drop down. It is taking a lot of time to open the drop down. Actually drop down is populating through...
  7. Hi!
    How can I display two or more values in drop down combo box:
    Let's suppose , I have received JSON values:


    How can I display above...
  8. No no, I am asking about Search Field, which has some search icon along with it.

    This is -> new

    Thanks in advance
  9. Hi!
    Can a searchfield show autocomplete feature on it.

    Thanks in advance
  10. Really really thanks for guidance. Now dates are displaying but these dates seems weird. I have placed 'minValue: '01/01/2000'' but it is not showing any effect on it.

    2- I am getting dates in...
  11. Hi!
    Kindly visit following link:

    What is the reason that 'Effective Date' and 'Expiration Date' are not displayed.

    Can someone guide me...
  12. Kindly visit following link for demo:
  13. I am applying it in GRID, Following is my column code to display in grid.

    id: 'effective_date'
    ,header: 'Effective Date'
    ,dataIndex: 'effective_date'
  14. Hi!
    I am receiving date in (Y-m-d) format from datastore.

    1 -I want to display date in (m-d-Y) format. How can I do this?

    2- I have made my date display field as editable. When I click on...
  15. Thanks for guidance. When I use 'hide' option, then an other problem arises. The problem is as follows:
    After closing 'Search Record' window, when I use normal search input field and...
  16. Hi!
    I have following code:

    ,buttons: [
    text: 'Cancel'
    ,handler: function(){
    PnSearchWindow.close(); // PnSearchWindow is Window instance
  17. Hi!
    Can someone guide me the list of config options that can be used in ''.

    Thanks in advance
  18. Really thanks for pin point help about my problem #1.
  19. Hi!
    Kindly visit following link.

    1- Kindly click on any cell of column with header "Country" . After clicking, a combo box will open. In...
  20. Really thanks for your kind help. I will be thankful if some one guide me about my point #2 which relates to "adding horizontal scrollbar" [workable both in FF and IE].

    Thanks in advance
  21. Hi!
    Kindly visit following link:

    You can easily view that text under 'Name' , 'Address1', 'Address2' fields is splitting on both sides and...
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    A small example will help me a lot.

    Thanks in advance
  23. Now I have made enabled the horizontal scrollbar in FF3. But both in OPERA 9.51 and IE7, horizontal scrollbar is not enabled/working.
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    How can I make a layout of form which should have following:

    a: --------- b: ---------
    c: --------- d: ---------
    e: ---------------------
    f: ----------------------
  25. I have disabled 'forceFit'. But horizontal scrollbar is still not enabled.

    Any solution?

    Thanks in advance
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