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  1. Well.

    I believe I have found the cause of this problem but no fix. On the portable computer, I have de-activate the "touch screen" and the data now display properly in my app and in the js...
  2. I am not sure this problem as to do with fonts. I've compiled my theme to use $font-family: dynamic(helvetica, arial, sans-serif);Everything shows up fine (buttons, Tab Panel, etc.), except for...
  3. Stuck with the exact same problem. To make matter worst, it's not happening on all Windows 10 workstation that we have.
  4. The override fixed the problem for me. Hopefully this will be pushed in the next release.
  5. Ext version tested:

    Ext modern-neptune
    Ext modern-neptune

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome Version 49.0.2623.87
    Firefox 44.0.2
  6. Thank you, that works. I had to figure out where to put the bypass value, the docs weren't clear.

    The targets below define the application build process from start to finish. With the...
  7. Is there a way to bypass the theme section of the build process ? I want to use a theme I already created in another projet. Just Copy the css over then new projet, add the css files into my app.json...
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    It works for me with ST 2.4.2

    if you are overriding initialize, make sure to callParent(arguments)

    initialize: function(){
  9. Still in 2.4.2
  10. I also had the same problem using Sencha Touch 2.4. It appears to be a problem with...
  11. Any other have issues with this ? My whole app does not load anymore. I don't like this Firefox release..
  12. I had this issue before while running Java JDK 32 on a 64 bit OS
  13. +1 would love to this added to the ExtJS package
  14. it's been a while and I don't remember all the details but I did find a solution to my problem. Cheating with return result didnt work somehow because at some point there is a validation with the...
  15. If I configure my buffered store with 100 records per page and the result from the server query return less then 100 records, then the summary is always displayed perfectly when I scroll to the...
  16. +1 =D>

    with the push to using buffered render grid/store since 4.0 there is no reason that this is not supported by the framework.
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    Anyone else ?

    My apps work perfectly in Chrome, FF, IE7-8-9 but doesnt render in Safari (for Windows). If I inspect the element, all the DOM is generated. The page stays white, no error...
  18. ever found a solution or what caused the problem ?
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    Excellent. The page Analyser load fine. I'll need to dig into this to find what's wrong. I'll report back if there is anything interesting.
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    Just trying the new 4.2rc and much of my application just don't load (upgrade from 4.13)

    On the initial load, I have a bunch of "Layout run failed". What is causing this and how to debug / fix...
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    Yes Don, we load grid with many records based on different request and rendering a grid using different renredrer on columns takes up a lot of time. With buffered grid, the load/render time is always...
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    I was building a navigation menu with this before we implemented the buffered store. Now, I have a note (to do:) that this menu is incomplete and it only has the current viewed records.

    I can...
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    using collec method gives

    data.collect is not a function ext-all-dev.js (line 96323)

    (firebug show data as Ext.util.LruCache)
  25. In blue, code needed to add support to the grid reconfigure event

    init: function(grid) {
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