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  1. I will be wrapping my application in native container. I would like to introduce Share feature in my app ( Share to Facebook/Twitter etc ). What is the best way to do that ?

    One obvious way would...
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    Thanks for the reply. Your answer was enlightening I am sent you my email address via PM.

    What was the problem you faced while using SQLite ? Does Sencha Touch not support SQLite ?
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    I am a newbie on Sencha Touch. Here is my case:

    I have around a database base of cars ( cars, manufacturer, photos etc ) which I would like to display using Sencha Touch application. There are...
  4. thanks a lot for the reply.

    Can I store pre-package the data at the time of deployment. Or should I prepare a dump sql file which I should insert at the time of install. Please enlighten me. :)
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    Is it even possible to add Sencha Buttons ( xtype: buttons ) in a template.
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