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  1. Is there available solution for that? I am also facing this problem (IE10 with ExtJS 3.3)
  2. Hi. I do not think that it is possible. In firebug you can clearly see that those element are div, and not any functional HTML components like textfield or button. I think that CSS disable would not...
  3. Since no one gave me any idea I have decide to use this solution:

    var listItems = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#myList')[0].getViewItems();
    var button1= listItems[0]; ...
  4. Hi

    This is my first post in Sench Touch forum I am really familiar with ExtJS 3 but this ST stuff is really a mistery for me I got list with 6 elements in it. How can I programmatically disable...
  5. Thanks you very very much!!!
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    I fixed the problem in getNode method in Ext.tree.TreeEvenModel:

    Ext.isIE9 = Ext.isIE && (/msie 9/).test(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase());

    if (Ext.isIE9) {
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    Does any one came up with a solution for that? I am using ExtJs 3.2.1 with IE9 and I got this problem. Suggestion: did not work for me as well. Is anyone working on fixing that in ExtJs team? It is...
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    Thanks for that tip! It helped me a lot :)
  9. Code looks like that:

    var tab1 = new test.tabItem({ // my class with some constructor and initComponent stuff. Data in here is needed!
    title: 'Test1',
    time: dataTime,
  10. Yes I am creating a dynamic tab. Actually here is the scenario:
    - I create new tab with loading map.
    - I do some request - loading mask is shown
    - when request is over I close this tab and create...
  11. Hi

    I am using example that is very similar to this one in here:

    Problem is that method show on TabPanel in IE does not show the tab...
  12. Noone knows how can I improve or fix that? Any help would be great...
  13. Hi

    I have created the very simple grid and I added in one column a button. It is done in the simplest possible way. I found that one in Forum. It looks like that:

    header: "Button",
  14. Hi

    I am using Ext.XTemplate in my application for changing the way of displaying of row in Grid. Depends on given data row may be displayed in defferent way. My code looks like that:

  15. My mistake... Thank you Condor... it works!
  16. It unfortunately does not work corretly. I changed my code and now it looks like that:

    '<tpl for="data">',
    '<tpl if="this.isNotSeven( != 7 ">',
  17. Hi

    I have a problem with using the current number of element from the loop in the conditional statement. Any combination that I have tried does not work or caused error. My templates looks like...
  18. Found solution in here:

  19. Hi

    My goal is to turn off the ghost functionallity in panel while I am dragging it. I have a windows and when I move (drag) it I would like to still see what is on that window (without any blur)....
  20. My ExtJS code looks like that:

    var myviewport = new Ext.Viewport({
    layout: 'border',
    items: [{
    region: 'center',
    title: 'My...
  21. Hi

    In my project I have been ExtJS library and also for displaying map OpenLayers (OL) library. I am not sure that anyone is familiar with that library. I would just like to share what I have...
  22. It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you a lot for that idea! You save my day, or maybe actually a night ;)

  23. It tells me that:
    this.clickHelper is not a function
  24. Even when the time is e.g 5000 the single click event start when I do the double click on the map. It starts after time 5000 but it starts. What I want if I do double click on panel is: DO NOTHING.
  25. Thanks, but it still does not work as I wanted to. My code looks now like that:

    listeners: {
    'afterrender': function() {
    'dblclick': Ext.emptyFn,
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