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    I was well pleased :-)

    Right, that makes sense. It might be worth updating the "Getting Started" pdf with a section that says "How you use it when you've built it"

    Oh yes! Thanks!
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    I've got my first widget working (hurrah!)

    One final thing to get working, I need the data (loaded initially via Ajax) to auto-refresh every minute.

    I can see ways to do this by editing the...
  3. Yep, problem sorted. Error was in the JSON I was producing, which wasn't in fact valid json...
  4. Aha! I've now found the "Working with Data" pdf, I suspect that's going to answer all my questions...
  5. Is it possible to get a copy of the cars.json file mentioned in the "Getting Started" PDF?

    I'm having trouble getting my data to show up in the grid, although I can see it's being requested at the...
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