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  1. From what I can tell, a user needs to first open Sencha Space, then they can launch one of many applications configured for them. Is there any way (in ios and on a windows desktop) to create a...
  2. No bug that I'm aware of. Just acknowledgment that it's less than ideal. Sencha plans some major revamp of associations and related data package, but I don't know the specifics of it. Locally,...
  3. That's too bad. I found it very useful in Touch to simplify the events coming from a view. Oh well, time to write some custom code and add it back in anyway... :-)
  4. In Touch, the delegate option on addListener uses Ext.ComponentQuery to allow you to add a listener to, say, all buttons in "this" view without dealing with the dom .el level.

    In ExtJS, it acts...
  5. OK, I figured part of it out. Turns out if I don't set a flex on the bottom (collapsible) component, when it expands, it fills the entire parent. Then, if you move the splitter, SplitterTracker...
  6. Using panel heights is a good idea. Not sure how it would mess with autoScroll in the child panels, but sounds like an idea worth trying.

    I'll try and put together some code that shows the...
  7. I'm trying to create a panel with two sections - a main section which would normally take up most of the screen, and a second section that would normally be collapsed, but when expanded would take up...
  8. Did you ever receive an answer on this one or figure it out? I'm finding the same problem. Files I try to exclude are still being processed by "sencha build app"

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    No, I mean anything with that string in the class (full) name path or that folder as a physical location. Not requiring is good, but the compiler is still trying to compile everything.
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    How do you exclude entire packages from a sencha app build? I'm currently adding the following to my build.xml, and it doesn't seem to do anything. I've tried most combinations I could find here...
  11. Haven't done a lot with overrides so far, but using both forms currently. Those, as well as
    override : 'Ext.field.TextArea'

    Glad to help,
  12. Here's my final solution for this one, including setting the height correctly when initially the TextArea isn't shown, so has a height of zero even when the text in it is large.


  13. I was able to get this to work with following code in ST 2.0.1 I modeled it after a similar fix I saw for ST 1.0

    It works nicely on the ipad. The only issue I've found is when you originally...
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    Any answer on this? I'm attempting to do the same, but not finding the correct hook to use. I'm assuming it would be related to a custom writer since Sencha out of the box doesn't approach data...
  15. Thank you, sir. Is there an ETA on this?
  16. checkboxfield is missing the readOnly attribute
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    When you call btn.up('formpanel'), that returns the Ext.form.Panel.

    So there is no method "getForm". It _is_ the form. You can just call myForm.submit instead of myForm.getForm().submit
  18. So is there a way to avoid this error when it is a valid scenario? Some way to not have the proxy attempt to load the data if the data truly isn't there?
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