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  1. Yes, we are seeing the same problem with code that "worked" in 4.2.x but gives this same error in 5.1

    So far we have not been able to find a solution and unable to continue upgrading to 5.1
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    I am currently running version 2.1.0 build:678, how do I upgrade to 2.2.x or latest version
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    How do I configure the architect to use a new version of extjs, for example 4.2
  4. I make an Ext.ajax.request, and when the server sends back a 401 not authorized the browser pops up its own gui.

    I want my Ext.ajax.reqeust to get the 401 "before" the browser does so I can...
  5. Our team will have several developers working on the same project using Sencha Architect The question is, how do we do concurrent development. We already have a mercurial source control system in...
  6. I am posting this as a help for anybody running into a similar problem.


    The EXTJS combo box expects data to populate it be formatted as, for example:
  7. I am trying to display data coming back from my server in a combo box.

    The problem is that the data coming back from my legacy server, which I can not change looks like this:

  8. I understand the following statement from the documentation on Localizing your own app

    "Ext JS doesn't enforce any particular approach to localization. It's only the framework itself that uses...
  9. Ok, I got it, I did not completely understand, your response, until I did a little more researching

    setting "remoteSort: true," on the store did exacltly what I needed.

    Thanks for your...
  10. So yes, I have the remoteSort working, if that is what you mean. My server is getting the sort parameters when the grid does a page request and sending back the correct data sorted.

  11. Current behavior is to just sort asc/desc on the current showing page. Then on the "next" page up/down the sort info is sent along to the server.

    If you think about this, this is not...
  12. Thanks, for responding, that's a very good workaround, saved my day.
  13. SA forces me to have an itemSelector in the viewConfig. If I remove it or comment out "itemSelcetor" from my deployed code all works fine.

    Can somebody please explain or show example base on...
  14. I have a legacy product that defines some JSON fields with spaces in the name for example "Inventory Manager" or "High Def".

    The problem is that SA will not let you define a field with...
  15. yeah, that's what I thought, I tried turning off and on but did not make any difference, running version 2.1.0 Build 588.

    Could it maybe have something to do with, the Portal code downloaded...
  16. sorry, typo, looks like,

    <script type="text/javascript" src="app.js"></script>
  17. Hi,

    Every time I do a save in SA, the app.html app.js gets a new id and cause source control issues.

    <script type="text/javascript" src="app.js?_dc=1346284880684"></script>

    Is there a...
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    thanks so much, this is a hugh help.
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    yes, please

    Thank you
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    I have been trying to creaete a portal like in!/example/portal/portal.html using Sencha Arch but have been unable to figure out.

    What am I missing,...
  21. Hi,

    I have been trying to creaete a portal like in!/example/portal/portal.html using Sencha Arch but have been unable to figure out.

    What am I missing, can...
  22. To be more specific it looks like the does not support the interface where the input parameters are the "current" and "next" sort value and takes a returned value of either 1,...
  23. Hi,
    I am trying to do a data level sort with a custom sortType. The documentation for at!/api/ seems pretty straight...
  24. I think I may have found the problem, I want to doing more testing and will let you know the final results, but,

    I was doing:

  25. Yes, I have tried a number of different things, below is the code. If I deploy the basepanel as "not hidden" the child panels do show up, so I know there are there :), but when basepanel is deploy as...
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