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  1. Looking for the same Solution. % values in the Chart but the names in the Legend. Tryed it with Series in one Chart. This works fine till i use highlighting and you can see the underlying Series....
  2. Thank you very much; it is exactly what i need. I didn't know i can add properties. Perfect
    Thanks for the fast reply’s
  3. Yes, it is the right direction. My question is, where can i define [action=deleteComment] at the button in the Architect?
    In my code editor i would use something like this:

  4. Hi @all,

    I just started with the new Achitect and love the MVC structure which is introduced with 4.1.
    In your examples (MVC in depth) you use an action property and use this property in the...
  5. First:
    You have to define $color-disabled: for your own button theme, because in _btn.scss Line 240 it is used as "color: darken($color-disabled, 20) !important;". But for darken, the default value...
  6. I tryed to change the border-radius of all panels, for the first fix variable it dosn't work, for the second it works.

    // not working
    $panel-border-radius: 10px;
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