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  1. I spent a evening on finding out how to make my form-based-filter work and fall into a solution:

    1. pick out YAHOO.util.Connect.setForm as a standalone method to process form into a array
    2. set...
  2. It's in FF2 and I have no fix for this because of timing. I added a unclosable panel with a empty title shows some static content, which I found is also very useful for my application. I surely will...
  3. Thanks for your information, jack.

    There is another behavior of contentpanel may link to this:

    Add two tab containing iframe and then close one of them, the other will reload from the server...
  4. var iframe = YAHOO.extDomHelper.append(document.body, {id:somePanelId, tag: 'iframe', src: someLink});
    layout.add('center', new YAHOO.ext.ContentPanel(iframe, {title: something});

    The code...
  5. Yes, it's not that elegant, but what is the alternative?


    What I'm trying to do is mimic iframe with div by XHR(sometimes two level mimic with dialog div) to avoid the overhead of...
  6. Thanks jack, impossible to fix it right now.

    I heard about the bug is going to be fixed in firefox3 from mozilla dev forum.

    Here is a the firefox roadmap:...
  7. The input cursor doesn't show in the overlap area between the Yahoo dialog and Yahoo.ext Grid.

    Cursor shows until reach the last character of the input field, shown in below image:
  8. Thanks jack, you are right. I want a handler so it should be initialized only once for my case.

    Thanks for your great help!
  9. I found a mysterious behavior about onUpdate of UpdateManager: Fire multiple update event during on actual update action

    The following is the code snippnet catch the bug, when bring out the...
  10. Thanks, jack. Is this behavior going to be changed?
  11. When I tried YAHOO.util.Connect.setForm(formEl) just before YAHOO.ext.Grid.load(url), the QueryString(?blabla...) replaced by formEl's _sFormData while keeps the Path.

    Is this a bug or a intended...
  12. Many thanks for your patch, it works. Why isn't it included in the latest beta? Is there any side-effect or any possibility to break the other part of the YAHOO.ext code ?
  13. Jack,

    In this post:

    You pointed out I should manually load Example.init because no load event will fired for XHR. But I have a lot of similar...
  14. Jack, I tried the old release without luck(any bug reported yet?). The 0.33Beta is working fine.

    Thanks again for your great work!
  15. Hi, Jack

    Thanks for your prompt help. I made great improvement on the UI of my project just after reading your "A Grid Component for Yahoo! UI - Part 1", amazing... and I have alot to explore.
  16. I have a basic grid works fine in a single html file. I even finished a AJAX context menu for that.

    But when I try to get the page1(with only the body) into a DIV of the main page2, it doesn't...
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