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  1. Thanks, dgotty. So glad it helped.
  2. Cleaner and more efficient. Good call, Mitchell. I have edited my solution accordingly.
  3. No worries, Mitchell. Thanks for the kick start and the confirmation. Cheers, mate.
  4. I've tried this using a "select" event but not only is it not in the documentation, it doesn't work. However, using a "change" event works like a charm. Here's an example of how to hide your text...
  5. Okay, so this is currently a known bug. Perfect. I'll then assume some other SASS/CSS-related issues I'm experiencing are bound to this issue as well. Thanks for clarifying.
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    I have, Tommy, thank you. But the examples aren't even close to how we've built our views, which is why they didn't help much. I haven't been using controllers with my builds. It sounds like whereas...
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    I hate sounding obtuse but I'm very much failing to understand. What would the handler be for that close button to get back to the dashboard?
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    Thanks for the clarification on animation config, Mitchell. However, I'm still unsure how to get back to the previous view based on this new way of switching views.

    Let's say I'm here:

  9. Hello,

    Migrating from v1 to v2 killed a lot of my CSS, even in the SASS files using mixins and variables. Most of these issues are originating with evolutions to the HTML changes in v2. However I...
  10. That is correct. Scrolling in Sencha Touch doesn't work like regular HTML. You have to emulate a touch environment.
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    I've been using Sencha Touch for a while and even have a Sencha Touch 1.0 app published in both the iTunes Store and Android Market. However, 2.0 is vastly different and I'm having a...
  12. That is correct. Except that the button generated doesn't include the class "x-button-plain" as you've noted which means the sass variable is ignored.

    My JS looks like this:

    items: [{
  13. Hello, all.

    I've searched around the web to find information about sizing toolbar button icons and can't find anything beyond the following SASS variable:

    $toolbar-icon-size: .2em;

    But so...
  14. Hey, all.

    There's a really simple solution to this which I successfully use in my builds. Either of the following will work for mailto links:

    handler: function() {
    location =...
  15. Thanks, David!
  16. Man, what a drag. I'll be referencing these this week. I, too, would love to see a new URL for these. Sencha folks, a 301 redirect would have been appropriate here. Any chance you can post the new...
  17. Yeah, here's what worked for me:

    height: '100%',
    layout: {
    type: 'vbox',
    pack: 'justify'

    I basically added a height of 100% set the vbox pack to justify rather than center. I hope...
  18. I did. I actually apply a listener to the wrapper to activate the panel I want to load first:

    listeners: {
    activate: function() {

  19. I sure did. I'm also using it for a more complex app that's nearly completion. I didn't use any of PhoneGap's API for Creature Mixup, only to package it for devices. But as I get into its API for...
  20. Slowly, but I don't really promote it so it's just floating in the store. It was really a test app to see how Sencha Touch would work, get familiar with the app-submission process, and to entertain...
  21. Hmm…that's interesting.

    Okay, I now have a nice filter which sorts alphabetically for humans. Can you help me understand how to apply it to the sorterFn? I read the documentation but don't...
  22. Sencha Touch version tested:


    Platform tested against:

    iOS 4
    Android 2.2
  23. Solved! Once I apply clearFilter() before every call for the filter everything works fine. I didn't realize I'd have to clear that every time, but I guess so.

    So the end result looks like this:
  24. Thanks, jmclem. The filter method is exactly what I was searching for. However, it doesn't seem to stick when I activate a new panel on tap. Example…

    I apply the following listener to list...
  25. I just learned an easy way to update a select menu on the fly when a store updates. I've used this successfully in an app I'm wrapping up and it works great. You just apply a listener to the store...
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