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    Here is my code:

    function stateSort(state) {
    switch(state) {
    case 'DEFINITION_ONGOING': return 1;
    case 'READY_FOR_COMPILATION': return 2;
  2. :"> Hum, yes, sorry for this. I was drunk when I posted it.
    I just wish javascript arrays behave as php arrays or perl hashes.
  3. One additional issue that I don't see how to solve is the impact on the 'length' property.

    var a= new Array(); # a.length=1
    a.push('toto'); # a.length=1
    a.push('titi'); # a.length=2

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    forget this question, it works perfectly.

    the sortType must be set in the record, not in the column :">
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    let's push this a bit further (to reach the issue I am facing now):

    If I display this store in a GroupingView and group items according to the gapRank, then the gapRank groups are only...
  6. ... and don't forget to take the appropriate css properties too from the example css file.
  7. Thanks a lot for the override.
  8. Cool.
    Can we get such dev versions ?
    Are they safe and stable ?
    Or do we have to wait for 2.0.3 anyway ?
  9. Argghh, I finally found my mistake: I forgot to copy and include the css part in my own version:

    .msg .x-box-mc {
    #msg-div {
  10. Well, I can try to show some relevant part. The entire app seems a little big to be sent.
    (in the meantime, I replaced the example.msg function by a function using an Ext.Tip. This one works fine:
  11. Hi,

    I try to use the notification popup window (with auto slide out) of Ext.example.msg in an application based on a Ext.Viewport. (to notify the user of succesfull ajax save operations).
  12. Oups,

    I had overlooked the 'style' property.

    thanks a lot.
  13. Hi,

    I have a Viewport containing a TabPanel. In a tab of this TabPanel, I add several FormPanel, each of then having a title and a frame=true.
    The FormPanels are then adding vertically, one after...
  14. I did not switch to 2.0.2 yet, as the changelog didn't mention any correction about this.

    You can reproduce on the examples/tree/two-trees.html example:

    Just change the TreeLoader like this to...
  15. I forgot to mention that the issue only happens when animations are turned on.

    So my current workaround is this one:

    // animate triggers bug on collapse/expand on IE (checkbox states are...
  16. Hi,

    TreeNodes having checkboxes checked loose their state as soon as the node is hidden, either because a parent node has been collapsed, or because the entire panel has been collapsed.
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