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  1. Yes, I agree that would be the best. The problem is I do not have access to the server and cannot change the server response. Isn't there a way to make changes to server data? Maybe with a custom...
  2. Hi,

    I want to know which would be the best way to change some data returned by a json proxy just before it is loaded in the store.

    The server returns a JSON object like this:

    id1: {...
  3. I also would like to add that it is possible to "fix" this by adding the painted listener in the view config or by calling the method setListeners. However I am trying to avoid this as code seems...
  4. I'm having exactly the same problem.

    If I use '#panelId' the painted event is fired only once. After destroying the view and recreating it, it is not fired anymore..

    If I use...
  5. I'm having the same problem. Cannot get this html work inside a container. I really need to find a fix for this problem. Can anybody please help us?

  6. Hi all,

    I am having some scrolling problems..

    I have a panel with some lists, some buttons, etc.. This panel is scrollable, while the lists arent. Every list has a button on the bottom which...
  7. I have a list where I want to select some items, when going back to the previous view I want to "save" all selected items, pop/destroy the list, and when creating the list again, I want the previous...
  8. So you cannot listen to tap and longpress at the same time?
    What if I want to show a tooltip if the user longpress and navigate if singletap?

    If he tries to longpress he will see the tooltip and...
  9. I think that if listening to longpress event on a container, other taps should not be fired (stoped) when a longpress is caught. Right now if a want to listen to singletap and also longpress,...
  10. Thank you!!
  11. UP, I am having the same problem. I need to run a function as soon as the animation ends. Could any Sencha team member please give us some help?

  12. Yes, sure.. but why don't add the readOnly property? I cannot find a reason not to do it.. In my opinion it should be there such as in the other field types..
  13. Why don't toggleField have readOnly property?
    I do not want to disable it (its label grays out), I just dont want to allow the user to change its value.


  14. Great!! It works!! Thank you!!
  15. Hi,

    How do I disable the mask in a list? I do not want the mask to appear when loading the list's store...


  16. I would also really appreciate some Sencha Team opinions about this. This is something really important when building big applications and I would like to learn what is the best way of doing it. I...
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    That worked, and the only important difference between my code and yours is that you've passed a store with data inside and that I associate an empty store and load it with an ajax request.

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    I used a breakpoint in the callback of the store.load, got the view.. and the height is undefined.. I tried doing list.refresh(); without success, the list remains with its height undefined.. If I...
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    It's not working.. I mean.. The list container is without layout right now. I reload the list store (it has items) and their height remains in cero (I guess) because the list is not...
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    Hi mitchell,

    The list is inside a container with another list and a form... I want the main container to be scrollable and the two lists inside it to change their height when their stores are...
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    Hi all,

    I need my list to automatically change its height whenever stores am trying to implement a class which extends from Ext.List and use the 'updatedate' event but I am not sure of certain...
  22. I do thank you mitchellsimoens !!!

  23. Hi all,

    I am trying to make a value selected by default in a selectfield but I am having problems with that.
    I am using PR2.. tried to update version but the app breakes and unfortunately right...
  24. I am having some problems with deselect in a selectField..
    Whenever I try to update options and/or set a value using setValue() method, the selectField becomes unstable and fires this error:...
  25. They are both the same and the container begins scrolling as soon as the list scroll starts. It does not happen only when the list reaches the top/bottom...

    Thanks mitchellsimoens!!

    PD: I...
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