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  1. Please see the attachement gif.
  2. Enhancement:
    1 Fixed column header in vertical scroll bar and synchronize scroll in horizon.
    2 Enable checkbox for each node and maintain the relations between parent and children.
  3. Locate the bug and fixed.The cause is column header with isn't wide enough.
    :Override the initComponent method of treegrid and change one line : '<div class="x-grid3-header"...
  4. Is there any one face the same problem?:)
  5. Dear Friends:
    I meet a problem in my development, please see the attachment. I run the official sample, it work perfect with scroll bar.

    items : [ {
    xtype : 'container',...
  6. I want to get the answer too. Eclipse doesn't support Extjs well.
  7. The Attached file is the snapshot.
    I don't know where I can put it on internet.
    Features extended are:
    1 Support Checkbox nodes for TreeGrid.
    2 Cascade Selection logic for checkbox between...
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