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    Hi eirik.lorentsen,

    how to show list of notifications .for suppose 10 notifications coming from database at once (Array[10])

    i am create like below

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    working fine for me. Thank you
  3. Hi every one ,

    how to change datepicker Today date . In my app i want to display date in date picker as per timezone.
    i am using timezone-js ( to convert date...
  4. Hi every one ,<br>how to display records in 0 index position if record is logged in employee.<br>when i am login my application i get logged in employee id, i want to display that record in grid 0...
  5. Hi every one,
    how to select toolbar radio group item dynamically . in my case i have a toolbar, in toolbar i am displaying radio group with name A,B ,C. By default is selected and a A related view...
  6. thank you very much
  7. thanks for replay Piruthu,
    it is use full for me.
    but i want to display record in index=0(ie: if logged in employee id =record id)
    here is my code

    viewConfig: {
  8. hi every one,

    how to disable grid panel single row disable(non selectable) . in my case grid display all employees . in grid my logged in employee also displayed(logged in employee id is globale...
  9. thanks very much for replaying existdissolve . it working fine after i am loading data like below in Memoryevent.js--->onProxyLoad

    onProxyLoad: function(operation) {
    var me = this,
  10. Hi every one,

    i am using extjs 4.2 gpl (examples ->calendar)calendar ( i am try to load data from database ,in my application i am...
  11. hi ,
    how to change fieldset checkboxToggle checkbox checked/unchecked dynamically .. i e

    my fieldset having checkbox group (dynamically created ). if any checkbox group checkbox is checked ,i...
  12. hi every one,

    how to display data in form tabpanels .
    hi have a form that contains tabpanel. how to load record in to that form.

    my code is below:

    this.Form =...
  13. Hi , every one

    my requirement is to display radio button in grid panel row column. if i select radio button in a grid get the record or value .

    i am using extjs4.

    i am attaching...
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    i wants to apply custom css to my tabpanels . how can apply custom css.

    var tabPanel = Ext.create('', {
    deferredRender: true,
  15. thank u for replaying.

    i want to find which button clicked in a button group , not firing click event .

    in buttongroup which button clicked i want to find.
  16. hi every one ,

    how to get toolbar listener clicked button id.

    my toolbar consistences of 4 buttons(A ,B,C,D) . i am adding listener to toolbar (not for buttons in toolbar). IF i am click on C...
  17. var Grid = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
    enableColLock: false,
    enableCtxMenu: false,
  18. hi every one,

    how to prepare search filter criteria (like tine20 contacts search).
    is there any plugin or working examples .

    if i click on add add new row ,or if i am click on remove remove...
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    hi every one ,

    the following error i am getting ,please any one face this .

    if i am using sencha command to build project . if i am run the project it gives

    i am using sencha command . i am generating project with sencha command and try to build project i am getting following error

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    ok, if any exception is raised on any store that is ajax request i want to execute

    Ext.Ajax.on('requestexception', function (conn, response, options) { if (response.status === 403) { ...
  22. yes ,it is correct . can i do that ? , please give me the example
  23. hi every one,

    how to view create and destroy on tab panel click.

    my requirement is if 3 tab panels is there TAB1 TAB2 TAB3.

    IF i am click on TAB1 only create TAB1 view AND if i am ...
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    hi every one.

    how to handle ajax request exception . i am using ajax request on store . i want to handle request is send(beforerequest) and requestcomplete and requestexception globally . how to...
  25. thank you for replaying ,

    it s gives error :[
    [ERR] Failed to resolve dependency Deft.mvc.Application for file DeftjsApp.view. Application
    [ERR] Error executing page compilation Unknown...
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