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  1. Try something like this

    var selectionModel = this.myTree.getSelectionModel();
    for (var i = 0; i < pathToSelect.length; i++) {
    this.myTree.expandPath(pathToSelect[i], null, null,...
  2. treePanel.getSelectionModel().deselectAll()
  3. Please move this thread to ExtJS version 3.3.1.
    Thank you.
  4. The title describes the problem.

    The case is:
    I have a tab panel, when switching between tabs I want to collapse all combo boxes list which were expanded before the active tab was changed. I can...
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    try this style

    .ext-ie7 .x-form-text {
    margin: 1px 0;
  6. Every panel in your layout gets rendered expanded and after it, depending on your panel settings or your state content, it gets collapsed. You have to collapse your panel after your page gets loaded,...
  7. Try this

    new Ext.LoadMask(treePanel.getEl(),{
    msg:'Loading', removeMask:true, store:treePanel.getLoader()
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    Hi there.
    I guess david.clyant's fix conected with error is ok. I've added null checking in the Ext.ToolTip.prototype.onMouseMove.createInterceptor and now it works fine , without any Fly...
  9. Thanks for the article it was very useful.
    I met a problem with columns width, actually when I set the width for my columns all columns accept their widths except the master_column

    columns: [
  10. First, thank you Maxim, for your quick replay.
    Seems works perfect now. That was my fault. The problem was in my JSON encode.

    And one more question, can you explain in couple words the meaning of...
  11. Hi, this is really great job, very useful.
    But I have a problem, can anyone help me.


    TreeGrid.layoutConstructor = function() {
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    I'm using Ext, and it would be great to have TreeGrid in my project. Is there any news about TreeGrid?
    ibrandt: I've look in the, I 've found your project, but there is no...
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