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  1. Its working on safari on my imac too.. and not on my chrome.. both are webkit based.. and i find it odd too... Now I realize why I just made my own animation library..
  2. The code is working exactly as posted on my setup. I am using ST if it matters..

    BTW I use move.js for custom animations in my app. Maybe you can give it a try. I would rather use one...
  3. As posted by mitchell... try using string values and mark them important for top,left,height and width ..
    Try this as an example
    name: 'test',
    requires: [
  4. Not sure what I am missing.. removed top and left and just tried changing only the width.. still no animation.. It seems to work if I do a setProperty on the element directly but I prefer to use the...
  5. Using version 2.0.1 RC

    Hello, I am trying to use Ext.Anim for a simple move and resize. Able to animate opacity and background-color but not height, width, top or left. Is it a bug or am I doing...
  6. the suggested changes do help a lot.. also for now I am wrapping the floating panels inside a fixed size panel so not a burning issue for now... Look forward to percentage values down the line..
  7. Thanks and yes no issues scrolling non floating panesl. Trying to avoid pixels in my app though and maybe you can mark this as a feature request. I am sure your team can accomodate since ScrollTo...
  8. I am trying to create a scrollable panel with lot of items in it (a panel of panels).

    The issue: Not able to scroll even though all the inner panels have been rendered. The scroller always bounces...
  9. Replies
    TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'Ext.util.Observable.observe(Ext.util.Draggable)')
    in Droppable.js:209

    When enabled , guess its trying to observe all evenets from Draggable...
  10. Thanks gentlemen for the quick reply.

    Just wanted to add one more request. I would like to set constraint = null in case i dont want the draggable to be constrained. Currently I get this error....
  11. The drag works only in the south and east and overshoots the container. The total drag area is fine ..maybe offset calculation is messed up..

    Am I missing something or is this a bug? if a bug...
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