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  1. var model = this.gridView.getSelectionModel();
    var recs=[]; (rec) {
    if (rec.get('Id') == selected[0].get('Id'))
  2. Are you looking for a combobox editor in a grid column? If so, here is what I did for a dynamic editor (textbox/combobox) based on a column's value. You can modify this based on your requirement
  3. I'm getting an error, this.spendAmount.getValue(...).replace(...) is not a function while trying to set a value to my displayfield in 4.2.2 version.

    this.spendAmount = new...
  4. This issue (EXTJSIV-9064) appears to already be in the system, but it's unclear if this is resolved and in which version. We are running ExtJS 4.2.1 and the issue only appeared after we recently...
  5. If I format a grid number column with numberrenderer, the column is not getting formatted with comma for -ve numbers but it's fine for positive numbers. I modified the code in the API documentation...
  6. I contacted sencha in Nov'12 to renew my ExtJS license, still no luck. I've been waiting for close to 5 months, sent emails, submitted online forms, left voice messages and posted in this forum. This...
  7. Thanks Mitchell! I appreciate your quick response. Yes, the email that's attached to the forum same as the one submitted. I sent my first request from my email on 11/13/12 and submitted online form...
  8. I need to renew my support subscription for my extjs license and trying for the same for the past 2 months. Sencha doesn't support online renewal, the only way is to either submit an online form or...
  9. Is there a way to pass all selected items from a grid to .net MVC controller? It would be helpful if there are examples on sending and retrieving data. Thanks!
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    Try this

    Ext.getStore('sentrystore').load(function(sentrystore) {
    if(sentrystore.getTotalCount() >0)
    var record=sentrystore.getAt(0);
  11. I'm trying to combine roweditor and rowexpander plugins. When I double click a row, I'm getting coumn.getEditor is not a function. How do I combine both plugins?

    this.rowEditing =...
  12. I figured. Thanks! Here is what I did

    public ActionResult UploadDocument(string fileName)
  13. I was able to read the form values, but still not getting the full path. Here is what I got

    public ActionResult UploadDocument(string fileName) {
    { ...
  14. Thanks mitchellsimoens! I've not used form.submit before. I do not know how to read the value in my controller. I was debugging in firebug. I'm able to see just the filename under "post" , but not...
  15. I'm trying to move the selected file from one server to the other. How do I send the full path of the selected file to the .net mvc controller?

    Here is my code

    this.uploadForm = new...
  16. If I understood your requirement correctly, you're trying to display the summary of a column in a grid. If so, here is an example

    this.dataGrid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
  17. I've several fields in my form that are disabled. I want the input controls to be disabled and the labels of these controls to display in black. The label color is gray in IE and displays fine in...
  18. Here is an example.

    this.itemsGrid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
    store: this.itemsGridDataStore,
    height: 455,
    selType: 'rowmodel',
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    var sm = this.gridId.getSelectionModel();
    var record =;
  20. Is there a way to reload the tab content each time it's clicked?
  21. If I understood your comment about 2 requests correctly, right after the ajax request you added store.remove and there 2 requests should be of no surprise. The first ajax request makes a server side...
  22. I had the same issue in my app. The store was not synching, hence the issue. Here is how I handle my delete

    scope: this,
  23. By focus, I'm not sure if you mean by selecting the first row. If so, here is how I do it'load', function () {
    var sm =...
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