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  1. Kurt, Thanks for pointing that out. I turned off the lightbox plugin. Let me know if you have any problems accessing the site. I trust you will find the content useful. :)

  2. Hey folks,

    CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) has been discussed a few times here in the forums, but I've written an article to help explain whats going on and how to overcome those pesky...
  3. Hey everyone,

    Here's a little discussion article about Windows 8 (Metro) and its design language in terms of building an ExtJS app.
  4. Hey everyone,

    Here's a little article on creating a 'flipping' effect on a couple of ExtJS Panels using webkit-transform in CSS. Hope you find it interesting!
  5. I wrote up a couple blog articles about setting up a test Sencha Touch 2 application then trying out some Ext.Direct using node.js and express.js
    Part 1...
  6. Hey everyone,

    I know this sort of thing has been done before... but I posted a blog article about setting up Socket.IO and Node.JS to an ExtJS 3.2 application to provide realtime updates for...
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    Good afternoon!

    Since there seems to be a little more interest in using NodeJS as a backend technology, I wrote up a quick example implementation and blog article using Ext Direct with NodeJS,...
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    Good day!

    I am wondering if there is an 'official' node.js or expressjs backend for Ext.Direct? I found a couple example implementations, but they are circa 2010 and nothing that is actively...
  9. Anyone else experience this? I tried 4.1.1a and the newly released 4.2 beta today and also have this issue. Is this something the framework should handle or something that needs to be manually...
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