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  1. Thank you for this, had searched for quite a while to find the exact cause of the problem - this solved it. I used the following override:

    Ext.define('MyApp.overrides.Field', {
    override :...
  2. jsakalos, thanks very much for the workaround!

    This really should be a configurable thing.
  3. Hi all,

    the workaround below seems to work for me so far. There were multiple errors for me before, but none of them occur after I've included this override.

    - Put the code into...
  4. Hi,

    I don't know whether the bugs forum is the correct place to put this, but it concerns an issue I have with the Sencha Touch source code so I decided to post it here.

    Ext version...
  5. What do you mean by "compatible"? I think it's mostly a licensing issue: You can either buy the full commercial license or use the GPL licensed version of the framework which includes charts.
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    Well, I guess there is a way to do this after all. :">

    Nice one haduki
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    How about this.self?

    EDIT: Sorry, slightly misunderstood the question. You're right, there seems to be no way of doing this because there is no object to work with at the time when the statics are...
  8. From the looks of it, you might be destroying the DetailsPanel at some point instead of just hiding it. You'll need to post more code, especially the part where your DetailsPanel is constructed and...
  9. Hi John,

    I seem to remember a similar problem in one of my projects a little while back, but it might have been something different - sorry, not very helpful, I know.

    What is the Chrome DOM...
  10. This solution is better than the accepted answer. Copying the sdk folder is redundant: It's still there, has simply been renamed to "touch". So thank you for this.

    Still, this seems like a...
  11. I see, and thanks for the reply, but are we talking about external libraries here?

    The way I understand, you are talking about util classes that you write yourself, or did I misread?
  12. They don't use the app namespace though, why would they if they are external?
  13. I have the same problem. Everything works in dev and in the "testing" and "package" builds, but the production build does not load the external js file, despite still having it correctly listed in...
  14. Hmm, setting your overlay's modal config to something like { cls: 'opaquemask' } (as suggested by badgerb1 here) works for me.

    What platform are you testing on?
  15. Instantiate the second view with
    hidden : true in its config, then show() it later.

    And please use CODE tags next time you post more than one line of source code, makes it much more readable.
  16. I assume setting

    .x-mask {
    opacity: 0;

    in your css/scss file is not an option because you have other masks that are not supposed to be transparent?
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    I can confirm the JS error :) Ok, thanks for the info.
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    That is something I'd be interested in. The axes labels don't seem to be working for me atm.
  19. amritsharma, is the photo attribute defined as a field in your model?
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    scottd, adding this to your scss or css file will do the trick:

    .x-chart-watermark {
    display: none;

    Remember to do compass compile if you add it to the scss file.
  21. Hi all,

    I really appreciate the effort that has gone into the charts package and the beta based on sencha 2.0.0 looks great. Haven't tried the 2.1 beta yet, but the fact that charts are part of...
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