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    Check our licensing page for GPL download, it's linked under the Store heading in the above menu.
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    ViewController, ViewModel, Router, diff toolkits are just part of marketing releases?

    The work needed to get Ext JS and Sencha Touch on the same page required API changes (some breaking) which can...
  3. no, they are the same.
  4. The server behind the premium Ext JS versions seems to have an issue and will prematurely end the response which we are looking into.
  5. Gary is correct, Fiddle is only using commercial builds. We currently are not pushing the GPL licensed builds of Ext JS 6 to CDN and therefore Fiddle is using the commercial licensed builds....
  6. Non-premium versions are restored. The security for the premium versions seems to only be returning partial files which is being looked at. 4.2.1 should be working again without refreshing the...
  7. It's also important to note that the files in fiddle are fake files, they do not live on any filesystem nor can you load them via any URL. This is important as if a class requires another class that...
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    I've searched the database and I do not see a user with the email address you have with your forum user.

    Also, a license does not mean you have a support subscription. You must have a support...
  9. That is true, my example did not have the updater that usually will add the item to the items collection that I normally have. When added to the items collection, when the MyClass is destroyed, since...
  10. Fiddle the app does not work with a phone. You'd have to visit the preview link:
  11. I don't think it's that simple or else why nullify the items collection and other things? For example, in Ext.Component#destroy, there is this: = me.el = me.frameBody =...
  12. Something like this is a memory leak also (which I see in code all the time, I use this method too):

    Ext.define('MyClass', {
    extend : 'Ext.container.Container',
    xtype : 'myclass',

  13. Why did you null out keyMap property in Ext.window.Window when it's set in Ext.panel.Panel? Shouldn't it be added to Ext.panel.Panel or else Ext.panel.Panel (and any other subclass like...
  14. I just reworked how fiddles are run. Prior, it was generating the HTML client side and throwing it into the iframe. The iframe was even recreated each run to get a fresh document for Ext JS. This...
  15. is the latest GPL version. 6.0.1 is a support subscription only release.
  16. Depends what else your application will be doing. You can build an application that uses GPS yes.
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    Check it out:
  18. We’re excited to announce that Sencha Visual Studio Plugin early access is now publicly available.

    Download it now

    Try it out and tell us what you think by completing a short survey.

  19. We’re excited to announce that Sencha Eclipse early access is now publicly available.

    Download it now

    Try it out and tell us what you think by completing a short survey.

    With Eclipse Plugin,...
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    In my experience, newer devs/people tend to spell it out but people who I've been around for some time pronounce it. Back in the yui-ext days, it was an ext-ension of YUI so I tend to pronouce ext...
  21. Our currently open positions are listed here when the location requirements.
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    Further discussion was on
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    It does for me. Do you have a fiddle to reproduce the issue?
  24. You can use it on any JavaScript file really. For Ext JS 6, JSDuck doesn't support the separate toolkits so if you use classic and modern toolkits, you'd have to run JSDuck twice targeting each...
  25. We are pleased to announce the availability of Sencha Web Application Manager v6.0.2. This release provides critical updates that improve the performance, reliability, and quality of the Web...
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