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  1. thanks @yeghikyan but actually my question, as stated in the title, was regarding a way to do this not programatically, meaning that I want some declarative way of achieving this.

    for example:...
  2. Hi all;
    let Assume I have the below class instanciation and class def:


    Ext.define('SomeClass', {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
    style: {
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    Hi all;
    I am searching for an iframe for ext JS. and stumbled across this!/api/Ext.ux.IFrame
    thing is, it seems that this class is not a part of the...
  4. note that you can still skip all the new stuff altogether and simply include the sencha JS and CSS files in your index.html and still enjoy the framework...
  5. hi and thanks but this is not the case at all.
    I am not reffering to vertical centering, the problem is the horizontal centering.
    the problem is seen more clearly when you view the fiddle in full...
  6. Hi;
    I have a pretty simple straight forward piece of code. an outer panel with center layout with a centered inner child panel.
    all is ok except when I mask the inner child, it looks like the mask...
  7. only Q&A...
    thanks :)
  8. I am struggling with sprite rotation.I cant find an example anywhere.can someone please help?
    here's my code for changing opacity but I wish to rotate the rectangle:

    var main =...
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    +1 for future implementations of ext js
  10. see title
  11. well; it requires a spring back end which i don't have...i am looking for something more standalonish like only with ext 5 support
  12. Hi guys;
    so it looks like there's no formal java impl for for Ext 5.
    whats my best bet? any experience anyone had?
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    so for Java it does not seem that I have any formal support for Ext 5 at the moment? is anything in the works?
  14. @Mitchell, please read my Note...

    so removing the top config does not help...
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    Hi;used div.x-slider:before{..} to customize the slider drag areaused div.x-thumb:after{..} to style the thumb itself.thanks.
  16. Hi;
    I have a container with 3 items: 1 toolbar and 2 container.
    for a reason beyond me, vertical scrolling on the parent container scrolls the toolbar...
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    I cant seem to get how to style my slider via css (not sass). for example, the color of the thumb.
    I have search for some resources regarding this but nothing definite.
    your help is...
  18. hi;
    I need to populate a store/model with nested json but I don't want to use associations. is this possible?
    for example, the following json:

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    Hi all;
    I recently bumped into the question of weather to further nest my layouts or use templates in order to achieve a relatively complex layout I needed. I couldn't draw the line between which...
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    Bump;I have the same issue now...your help is appreciated.
  21. Hi all;
    the docs state:
    "This is disabled by default in Sencha Touch as it has a performance impact when your application has vertical scrollers, plus, in most cases it is not very useful."
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    Hi all;
    I have an app with many views. I want each view to implement a foo() function. each view will have a different foo implementation.
    what is the way to achieve this in sencha class system?...
  23. Yes
    U can check the docs for specifics
  24. Hi all
    the select component allows a one to one mapping between the field name of a model and the text that is displayed as the select options.
    The text I need to display is located in 2 model...
  25. Hi; I guess I should have learned this a long time ago...
    I have noticed that in my app that when displaying images, the width of the window is ~320 css pixles even though its a 1080p screen. I...
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