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  1. Fixed the issue in my local application. :)
  2. This issue in IE is due to the reason that document.domain is changed in my application.

    Any ideas or suggestions ??

  3. Hi, I have a hard time figuring this one out, I am using fileuploadfield to upload a image, then I need to display this image within HTML img tag after server side processing. The response I get back...
  4. Looks like there is a bug with calling functions in the flash object from a component in ExtJs in a viewport layout in IE8.

    I have posted the thread here:
  5. Hi Hidden, 'm facing exactly the same problem now.

    Did you get it resolved with your application ?
    Please let me know if you found something

    Here is the post from me about the problem 'm...
  6. Hi, In our application 'm using ExtJS Viewport for the layout. I am using 2 flash objects and a Div item.

    North panel : HTML Div
    Center Panel : ExtJs tabpanel which has a flash object as one of...
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