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  1. Dear Dan,
    Everything is fine now.

    You are Great! I like your works,
    They are excellent and Fantastic jobs!
    Keep going on..

    I really appreciate your efforts,
  2. Dear Dan,
    I found what is wrong.
    "name" in this section:

    var sbs = new Ext.ux.form.SuperBoxSelect({
    name: 'states',

    can not be the same of your input textbox <input...
  3. Dear Dan,
    Thanks a lot for your kind consider.

    I did the same of your sample and it showing fine now! it is great. but the problem is I can not get the data back from the form (I have 3 fields in...
  4. Dear Dan,
    Actually I have am using phpmaker to generate the forms.
    It is generating a normal <form> with some other input box but I want to change one of the Input Text box to your great SuperBox...
  5. Hi Dan,
    we are waiting for the a separate form or ApplyTo Option.

    Thanks a lot for your great job.

  6. Sorry Again,
    Actually it is working fine with UTF8
    but I have another question.
    I want to use this in a FORM that this FORM is not generated by Ext JS and it is a normal form.
    I mean I want to...
  7. Wowww , Very Interesting.
    Is it possible to have it for UTF8 also?
    I have some Unicode Character to call (like chinese, Farsi, etc)

    Thanks in Advance.
  8. Sorry Andrei,
    I really like your excellent program. Maybe we can have 2 different text box: 1) for search and 2) for showing the selected countries and 3) ofcourse something like add button when...
  9. Hi,
    Does your program can generate a "Multi Combo Box" that has "Autotext" as well.
    I mean I want a Combobox with both facility of autosuggest and Multiselect.
    If your program does not have this...
  10. Hi Andrie,
    Thanks for all your effort and nice job that you done!
    Just a quick question:
    Does your program can generate a "Multi Combo Box" that has "Autotext" as well.
    I mean I want a Combobox...
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