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  1. The theme builder for ExtJS 3.x was relocated to
  2. Hello!
    Thank you very much!

    Hello, Dorgan!

    I think project is still active.
  3. Hello!

    1. I think generated (custom) themes are not compatible with ExtJS 4.
    But you can generate themes for ExtJS 4 by tool from install pack.
    Sencha have included tool for theme creation...
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    you can generate any or Purple theme by
    Online Theme builder for ExtJS

    Kind regards.
  5. You are welcome!
    Thank you!
  6. Hi to All!

    As advertizing

    I would be happy
    to include user extensions and components to theme processing,
    to help you to implement the Theme settings feature for your application,
    to adopt...
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    Hi Dan,

    Good to see your message! ;)
    Thanks for component, explanation and permission.

    I would be happy to use this component.
    How can I communicate with you if i would like to use it in my...
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    Thank you.

    I think proprietary rights holder can add this only - i think it is Dan Hamphrey.
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    I have downloaded sources and i have found
    License - TBA (To be announced)

    Please, could you appoint the license version?

    Thank you for the extension.
  10. Hello!

    Thank you for good words.

    I think all files are bundled to the code repository.
    I have checkout code and built app.
    I have deployed it on my server and it works.

    Could you describe...
  11. Hello!

    The project was arranged on Google code service.

    All latest changes and version you can find on Google code project link

  12. Hi !

    I have added possibility to invoke Theme Builder Window in your ExtJS application quickly!
    You can use Theme Builder Window in your ExtJS application right now.

  13. Hi All !

    Sometime i have been supporting
    Simple online theme builder of colour themes for ExtJS.
    And it worked for ExtJS version 3.x earlier.

    Now I have added possibility to generate themes...
  14. Hi !

    I have added support for ExtJS 2.3 to the theme builder.

    You can select value 2.3 of ExtJS version ComboBox on Theme builder form.

    Application have been basing on ExtJS 3.3 which...
  15. Hi

    I have updated theme creation to ExtJS 3.3.1 version.
  16. Hi Brian,

    I am convinced that a "Simple on-line theme builder for ExtJS 3.x" very significant contribution to community!
    Because it not only the tool for developers, but already some thousand...
  17. Hi!

    Application on is working now.

  18. Hi Tim!

    Thanks for your suggestions.
    Yes it is good feature (stand-alone tool for theme generation)
    but, sorry, i can not work on that immediately.

    What about donation button -
  19. Hi !

    1.ExtJS version 3.3 was added to processing.
    2.Application framework version has become ExtJS 3.3.
    3.UI Example for PivotGrid was added.

    Have fun,
    Sergey Chentsov
  20. hi Tim!

    I have added to app the feature that you described.
    All builder form parameters of the generated theme are in comments of css files now.

    Kind regards.
    Sergei Chentsov.
  21. Hi !

    I have started again the application on
    It works without bug with pink window borders.

    Had somebody resolved the problem?
    If not please send me info...
  22. Hi!

    To fix the bug change the file colorpicker.js
    * Convert a float to decimal
    * @param {Float} n
    * @return {Integer}
    realToDec: function( n ) {
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    To fix the bug change the file colorpicker.js
    * Convert a float to decimal
    * @param {Float} n
    * @return {Integer}
    realToDec: function( n ) {
  24. Thank you!

    I think so!
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    I have tried to create customized extjs app interface in my "Ext Theme builder for 3"
    But it is not front end only. Server side is important in the example.
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