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  1. I use the e editor which supports Textmate bundles. Can you or anyone post the ext bundle? 1.x preferred.
  2. Is there a workaround for the messages box buttons not appearing in IE6.0 with Ext 1.x? For those of us that don't have SVN access?

    see for bug...
  3. Thanks!

    needed changes :

    missing ) after condition

    The createSuccess and createFailure functions referred to in the request function needed...
  4. Yes I see that the "new Ajax.Request()" transports not being stored as the transaction object. Can this protoAjaxObj.transport.abort() fix be added to the 1.1.1 adaptor? Or is there a workaround I...
  5. # Ext version + build no.? Ext JS Library 1.1.1
    # prototype adapter 1.1.1 / Prototype JavaScript framework, version 1.5.0
    # Windows XP
    # Firefox and IE 6
    # code snippet - see above ...
  6. I tested with ext base vs prototype and it works with ext but not with prototype.

    test code I used below, the abort is called but you can see the load still continues in firebug. I used a long...
  7. I have an element that I got the updateManager for and called the update method on it. It loads the url and updates the content fine but if I want to abort the update it doesn't work. I called the...
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    I have a navigation panel listing items at the left of my app. Each of the items has an associated tool tip with details. I have configured for the tip to hideDelay so the user has a chance to read...
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    any plans to support Prototype 1.6 ?
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    -running 1.1 rc1, with prototype.js

    When calling Grid destroy which calls GridView destroy I get an exception dds[dd].config is undefined.

    code from GridView destroy:

  11. I'm trying to follow this recommendation so I can load ext-all in the background. Is it possible to include ext-core.js then lazy load "on demand" ext-all.js?

    Is there a way to use the ext js...
  12. I'm having the same need, but not sure how to extend the pagingtoolbar class to support the different field names for offset/start etc.

    Can you show what you had to change in your extended...
  13. Upon better search I found this
    which answered my question

    so in ColumnModel where you can specify a renderer create one whose function sets the second...
  14. I'd like to show a quicktip of the hidden column values when mousing over a row in a grid. Is this supported?
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    I needed to add the following where this.activepanel is the ExtResizable

    this.activepanel.on('resize',function() {

    // resize width automatically via 100% style, still allow manual...
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    I figured this out. The Ext.Resizable doesn't maintain any existing size percentage.

    So if your resizable is only allowing resize of one dimension ie handle:'s' and element has style width=100%...
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    If you have reponse text from an ajax post return an error message in html i.e. starts with <!DOCTYPE is it possible to present that text in an ext popup messagebox or dialog?

    I tried wrapping...
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    I have an html page with 2 grids on it one above the other, both extend to the width of the window with some margin area. When the window resizes the grids resize as desired.

    Now when I make the...
  19. I think I had a similar problem with JSONReader.

    I noticed if I did the eval on the json response with Ext.util.JSON.decode(json) it was able to create the object successfully. Putting that into...
  20. Terrific Thanks!
  21. Sure thing.

    I created the dialog based on the existing html then I converted the fields to use the NumberFields with validation

    var maxnum= new...
  22. I'm having issues with it in 1.01a as well. It seems out of synch if you click a few times it does go to the callback handler but not on the initial click.
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    Do you know if Ext is used in Yahoo's new email beta ui?
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    Is there a workaround for grid quicktips in the meantime?
  25. Thanks!
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