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  1. hi,

    is this a bug or something ??
  2. hi all,

    im displaying a chart with the following json data

    "Read_Date": "2/29/2012",
    "num": 1,
    "DH_Pd": 4930,
  3. i opened another thread here,,

    hoping that someone can help
  4. this is the data im loading now,,

    [{"Read_Date": "1331128140","num": "0","DH_Pd": "67.00","DH_Pi": "89.00"},{"Read_Date": "1330517400","num": "1","DH_Pd": "1798.00","DH_Pi":...
  5. hello,

    thank you very much for the response but according to the documentaion here it should be ok

    MS Microsoft AJAX serialized \/Date(1238606590509)\/

    , but anyway i'll try the...
  6. hello,

    im using the stock chart sample to fit my needs

    and supplying this below json data but for some reason, its not drawing any lines..

    anyhelp would appreciated

  7. Replies
    i have a tree that i want to lead from an ASP.NET web service, the tree is building JASON, i have a tree that should look like this

    + category A
    - item1
    - item2
    + category B
    - item1
  8. Did you mean

    Ext.get('txtUserName').dom.value = 'test';
  9. thank you very much jgarcia, i really appreciate it
  10. Hi All,

    i was searching the documentation on how to set the value of the textbox or a textarea but i didn't find anything similar, it can be easily done with one line of code, but im kinda want to...
  11. many thanx evant
  12. Dear All,

    Im trying to hide a table row using Element.hide() or Element.setVisible() but what is happening is that its changing the visibility of the table row and still occupies the space in the...
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