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  1. That does the job :) Thanks Elfayer!

    Still a bit weird that the Chart component support the click and dblclick events, but not the right-click...
  2. Hello,
    I dont see any event for right-clicks for classes Ext.panel.Panel and Ext.chart.Chart, like something equivalent to the containercontextmenu or itemcontextmenu events for grid panels. Am I...
  3. Hello,
    I have a grid that works well with filters or the grouping feature, but not both together: whenever I enable grouping, it automatically disables the filters.

  4. I'm having the exact same problem here, with ExtJS v4.0.7. I would add that this occurs only when scrolling back up with the mouse wheel. Moving the scroll bar cursor with the mouse works fine.
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    ExtJS and CI controllers certainly handle things at different levels, but I still believe that the logic should be unique accross your entire application. If you keep them separate, should you need...
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    Agreed that it doesn't look pretty to mix JS and PHP, but keeping them separate does implies code duplication (duplication of classes, attributes, etc...)
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    The problem I see with keeping CI and Ext separate is that both feature a MVC architecture. To properly do things, you need to implement your logic twice, one for CI in PHP, one for Ext in JS. So you...
  8. Thanks Condor. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but I haven't found buildUrl(). I was thinking of using setUrl() (or setApi() ) in the request() method of the HttpProxy. Is that a valid...
  9. Hi,
    Most MVCs, CodeIgniter in particular, are based on URI of the form http://base_url/controller/function/param1/param2/...

    So instead of DELETE, PUT, GET requests, I'd the store to send request...
  10. Thanks a lot Condor, that works - and looks - great now!
  11. Hi, I'm using a modular approach to implement a few components. One of them extends a EditorGridPanel like below. One of the column is based on a Combo, whose actual value (numerical) is different...
  12. Is it possible to commit/reject changes of one particular field of a record in an EditorGrid. Committing/rejecting changes for the entire record is easy, but couldn't find anything regarding this.
  13. I'm having a weird problem with a parameter name for a class that extend a GridPanel. Basically, I'd like to have an autoLoad param, which controls the store's autoLoad param.

    However, when I call...
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    I managed to have the tree2grid drag 'n drop, but I'd like to prevent users from reordering items in the tree and DDing stuff from the grid to the tree. The problem is that both the tree and the grid...
  15. Hello,
    I was wondering how one could dynamically add series on a line chart. I have a grid with some data, each row corresponding to one series in the graph. I'd like to be able to select rows in...
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    I'm trying to copy simple text to the system clipboard and wanted to use the air package.

    However, I can't get it to work, even with a trivial example:

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    @VinylFox I was wondering whether your extension could be adapted to catch the [CTRL]+v event so that we can copy/paste instead of dragging/dropping
  18. Yes, I tried to use both adapters, with the same results sadly
  19. I'm experiencing some sort of bug with the height of the column menu in gridpanels. As you can see (screenshot below), the menu isn't readable because way too small. I have the problem with IE8,...
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    I was wondering whether it was possible to change the size of the marks or even drop them when using line charts, I checked the doc, but couldn't see anything about this
  21. oups, sorry, didn't see the other one I-|
  22. I noticed a bug with the DateField in a EditorGridPanel in Chrome (v4.0.223.16).

    The popup with the calendar appears all over the screen (see screenshot). Tested using Ext 3.0.0. Seems OK with...
  23. This actually worked for me =D> Thanks

    [hope this won't go be trashed be the moderator like my few last posts...]
  24. That did the trick!
    Thanks dude
  25. Hello,
    I'm having some difficulties with a GridEditor. The normal behavior of the GridEditor is that after one edits a cell and validates the content, the cell is still selected and highlighted. And...
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