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  1. Http:// has a link to a zipped file for Architect 3.1 documentation. However when you download and unzip, it is talking about 3.0 and not 3.1.

    Can the correct file be uploaded in...
  2. Does anyone have a solution to this?
  3. Obviously I'm not alone here. The following post reports the same type of issue:
  4. Here it is. Again please keep in mind all the items "not found/ defined/ available" actually are present (and that's how come the native-packaged code works fine)
  5. I have a Sencha Touch App generated with Sencha Architect. The intention is to deploy it on Android devices but retain a demo copy that can work via a normal browser over the web.

    The challenge is...
  6. Thank you, I did this after posting. However the code was working without needing this in the old version of Architect/ Touch in use.
  7. For a Sencha Touch App that worked well with previous versions of Sencha Architect/ Touch 2.2, I started getting this message after upgrading to the very newest version of both. It is happening each...
  8. I have a Sencha Touch App developed in Architect which worked perfectly as of November 2013. Since been busy with other things but recently fired up Sencha Architect again and accepted to update with...
  9. Awesome. I adapted as follows and it worked perfectly:

    tab = button.up('#MainTab').down('.tab[title=Invoice]');

    Thank you very much.
  10. Thank you but what object is tab here? or a toolbar object?
  11. Replies
    Please how can the same thing be done in Touch 2.x? I get the message 'setBadge' is undefined for the object.
  12. In my app, I wish to update the badge text of one of my tab panel items each time a button is clicked. How can I do this? setBadgeText seems to be non-existent for this view based on the JS debugging...
  13. Problem solved: I discovered I had changed my main nav's userclassname.

    However, why the code kept on working until I added and removed a controller remains a mystery.
  14. I have a list view in a container, in turn in a form panel, in turn in a tab panel with correctly configured rest proxy and json reader. When viewed in Sench Architect 2 design mode, I can see the...
  15. I'm a newbie just trying to learn the Touch framework and Architect at the same time.

    I created a very simple app in Architect as follows:

    1) Dropped a Navigation View into the project
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