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  1. That worked for me as well. thanks.
  2. If the documentation for forms':

    var form = Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    listeners: {
    '> field': {
    change: function(field, newValue, oldValue) {
  3. All,

    How do you bind a record to a form such that changes to the form fields modify the model?

    I see how you can call
    form.setRecord(myRecord);, but that only manages getting the data out of...
  4. I had the same problem. It turns out I had put the xtype declaration in the wrong place for the Home.js file:


    config: {...
  5. I got a response back from Sencha on my ticket. They haven't addressed the underlying issue--it applies to Sheet and Select components, maybe others--but the fix has solved my immediate issue and I...
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    I enjoy the Sencha Touch framework. With it I've been able to create some pretty interesting (and fun) solutions to clients needs.


    I'm frustrated, too, by my efforts this year to...
  7. All,

    Would you please help add visibility to this bug? It's been a long time; Sencha needs to fix his. Could you respond to this thread I posted:
  8. Hi, All,

    There is a major, glaring bug in the Sencha Touch framework that has been ignored since at least December of last year. I'm writing this to get more visibility for it as my projects that...
  9. The bug is in Sencha Touch's Kitchen Sink demo app:

    1. Navigate to
    2. click the "User Interface" -> "Forms"
    3. Click on the "Rank"...
  10. I had opened a ticket for this way back in April. The Sencha support rep said it would be fixed "soon". My QA team won't release our product without this fixed. This is a major, major bug.

  11. It worked for me just fine. Given Sencha touch 1.1+ doesn't seem to be coming out anytime soon, this is a lifesaver.
  12. I found a fix for this that worked for me. I documented what I did on via this thread:
  13. The issue is a real problem for smart phones. For the record: fails on an iPhone because of Safari's popup blocker functionality. It works if you disable it in Safari's...
  14. All,

    I'm showing/hiding a toolbar and a docked item when a panel is tapped. It works, but the docked panel on the bottom flashes briefly at the top of the screen before going to its correct...
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    Start screen doesn't have the attribute
    fullscreen:true. Nothing will render until it, or a parent container has that set.
  16. The view won't show unless it, or a parent, has

    Set. If it isn't, you will see a blank screen. Try putting it on your viewport.
  17. 1.0.2 doesn't fix the issue. However, Jack's short-term fix above does. Thanks for posting in Jack, and be sure to let this thread know when this is addressed! :-)
  18. I'm blocked by this bug as well. This is essential. At the moment, I can't pop up an infowindow on a marker. Jack, your above workaround -- will it be able to identify the marker clicked and let...
  19. Same Issue for me, too.
  20. I've tried to workaround this by implementing the setProfile() method of the Ext.Map 's containing Panel, but it still isn't working. Here's my implementation:

    setProfile: function(profile)...
  21. ksystems, I saw in my testing that the id was in the request that was sent to the call (the request has the operation in it), it's just ignored.
  22. All,

    My Question: How can I force the Ext.Map to redraw itself when the orientation is changed and the Ext.Map is not visible?

    I have a sencha-touch app that consists of a viewport panel with...
  23. Same here with me. Here's my code:

    The Model:

    * @class PublicResource
    Ext.regModel('PublicResource', {

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    Would you give a code example of how you "use your own references"? My goal is to access a button in a dockedItem from the parent panel. If I can't use ref, I have to use
    Ext.getCmp(), I would...
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    Hey! I'm in the same boat as the bajillion folks before me. :-). Would you give me a reset, please?


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