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  1. Hi,

    Tripped over this one yesterday. I think they are going to fix it in the next bugfix release, but you can get around the problem by make sure you don't have spaces in the directory or file...
  2. Hi Aaron,

    The difference I saw was you did not have spaces in your directory/file name and I did. Resaved project into different directory and it now deploys fine.

    Might want to look at...
  3. Hi Aaron,

    I get same results with existing project and new "empty" project. It never moves from this screen, and I can confirm that the referenced exclude.txt is being created and appears...
  4. Now running Architect (congrats on the GA release!)

    When I click deploy, it pops up a box that says "running xcopy ...." with a blank white box and a close button.

    Never updates or goes away.
  5. OK, after drinking more coffee and slowing down, I found that the store in question had both an api and a directFN defined, and that the api referenced functions that were not defined by the code.
  6. OK, just noticed in the call stack is doing loadScriptFile, so maybe it's supposed to be returning the source at this point, but how do I debug the sudden unexpected token problem? It was not there...
  7. Just allowed the routine upgrade to 374, deployed the project and now I get and unexpected token : when I try to load.

    Looking at network, xhr, I see it is trying to load some direct stores, but...
  8. Hi Mitchell,

    I didn't understand your response. Sorry.

    Could you clarify?

  9. Hi,

    If you load a store with say 10 items, then reload it with only 5 items, an associated pie chart displays 5 "orphan" labels from the previous load.

    This is on ext js 4.0.7

    Does anyone...
  10. Hi,

    I am charting a series that could have 100's of members potentially. What I would like to do is show the top 10 or 20 and group all others into an "Other" slice.

    Before I go back and...
  11. Hi Mitchell,

    I appreciate your response, but I am afraid I am still missing something more basic. Can anyone provide an example of any custom button style for sass in extjs 4? I am looking for...
  12. Hi,

    OK, so with the help of the forum, I can do compass/sass stuff now, and some of the examples from the guides and videos, but I am really struggling with changing a button.

    I am working on a...
  13. Replies
    I tried very hard to follow the theming guide, but the results are not good:

    First, the first compass compile generated an error (my-ext-themes.scss (Line 115 of _frame.scss: Functions may only be...
  14. Hi Aaron,

    Deleting that directory and reinstalling fixed the problem, thanks for that.

    I have the zip before the delete, but it's ~35mb. Do you need it all? If so, where should I send it?
  15. Just a quick add. I have a virtual machine (winxp) I use for testing. I downloaded sencha designer 2.0 there, and I am able to launch and open my current projects with no problem from that. So the...
  16. Hi Bharat,

    Actually, I can't get to the About menu because it won't open past the welcome screen.

    On the welcome screen, it says Version 2.0.0 Build 311

    When I click New Projects -> Ext JS...
  17. Hi,

    Windows 7 64-bit.

    I've been developing/testing with Sencha Designer 2, whatever the latest auto update was. This morning, none of my projects would open. I tried several things and...
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