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  1. Any update on this one?
  2. When do you think we can have a fix for this one? What is the timeframe, since this is of high importance for us. Please let me know.

  3. Here is the fiddle

    In the text field which says y axis min add a 8 before the zero (basically make it 80) and you can see the issue.

    Please let me know if...
  4. I am using a extjs scatter chart and once the chart plots, I need to change the min and max of the axis as per the user input. when i change that it displays points which dont fall under that range...
  5. Has this been resolved?

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    Do we have something in extjs (later versions) right now which supports this?

  7. This is awesome, however is there a way to just use this type to certain cells in the grid, Like only the first row of the grid should have the combo box.

  8. I tried the above peice of code but I get data.metaData as undefined. Should there be any node in the json string which says metadata? Can you please post the entire json string which is used.
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