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    I figured it out. Not the fix, but how to replicate it. It only breaks when the model in the store does not directly extend, but extends an intermediary type.

    You can see it in...
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    [INFOREQ] Yes, that works, and I can't get it to break by...

    Yes, that works, and I can't get it to break by switching it to an array reader or an ArrayStore.

    I'll have to examine my complex scenario which was working in 4.0 a little further.

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    [INFOREQ] ArrayStore data problem in 4.1

    I've got my Model, which defines fields ['firstName', 'lastName', 'age'], and my ArrayStore that sets the data as [['Bob', 'Johnson',23], ['Alice', 'Smith', 55]], and I'm getting objects that look...
  4. No, not at all. I want a...

    No, not at all. I want a Ext.form.Basic.setValues() to call a function on each of its fields that looks, by default in Ext.form.field.Field, like this:

    setModelData: function(obj) {
  5. An equivalent to getModelData() for setting field values?

    I love that I can override getModelData() in my custom field and provide multiple values to be set in my record when the form is submitted, but I can't seem to figure out how to read multiple values...
  6. Can I have multiple applications on the same page?

    Whenever I include two separate applications on my page, the control structure in the controllers in the second application doesn't work. By that I mean, the listeners defined in the this.control()...
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    [CLOSED] Bug in Tree.onNodeIdChanged in 4.1-pr1

    The method signature is:

    onNodeIdChanged: function(oldId, newId)
    but should be

    onNodeIdChanged: function(record, oldId, newId)
    because Model.set() is firing the event like this, passing the...
  8. Okay, so it appears that the proper way might be:...

    Okay, so it appears that the proper way might be:

    store.on('write', function(store, operation) {
    if(operation.action == 'create') {
    var record = operation.resultSet.records[0];
  9. I've tracked it down to Store.onCreateRecords(),...

    I've tracked it down to Store.onCreateRecords(), which is a private function, and there are no events associated with it. It removes the original phantom record and then inserts the newly loaded...
  10. When is autogenerated id from server set on a newly created record?

    I'm creating a record and adding it to my store. But the record value returned from Store.add() and the record passed to the store's "add" listener still don't have their id set, and are still marked...
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