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  1. Having a problem where a button is not behaving the same in IE6 and IE7 as it does in FF2 and FF3. In essence it's nested a few levels deep in a buttons[] of a panel, part of a hidden window. When...
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    The constructor public method for RadioGroup reads:

    RadioGroup( Object config )
    Creates a new CheckboxGroup

  3. To reproduce:
    1. create a FormPanel
    2. add items:
    a) Label or Panel
    b) Ext.form.TextField with no fieldLabel and a style width: 95%
    3. view in IE and FF

    In IE7 the Label is...
  4. If you create a Panel with html:'' (empty string) and a buttons[], and place it in the south region of a borderLayout Viewport, in IE the contents of the southern panel appear as a white strip; but...
  5. I tried recreating a simple example to post here, but was unable to do so after a few hours - too many hooks to data structures and external files, jsp includes, etc. A trivial example works as...
  6. UI Structure:
    iframe, src=pageB.html
    Viewport w/ border layout
    north: GridPanel
    center: FormPanel with items and buttons
    south: Panel with buttons

  7. That seems to work for my case - thanks.
  8. In a form TextField using Ext 2.2, calling field.selectText() ...

    In IE6 and IE7:
    Highlights the text. If the user starts typing the field value is replaced with what they type.

    But in FF2...
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