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    hello all,

    Can anyone tell me pls,,how to change the dafault blue colour of ext.list in sencha touch.

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    i am making a form in which there is a background image over it there are two text fields as username and password and on the top toolbar a center logo but when i am trying to do it i am...
  3. Thanks a ton jjerome,,:)
    it is really very helpful link with lots of example for beginners.
  4. Hi!!

    I have joined this forum few days before as i am a new in sencha development for mobile application.
    i want some tutorial about customization of screen,. as how to set panel and images and...
  5. Hello Sencha Forum,

    As i am newbie ,,so i am stuck how to start and where to start a cause lots of confusing issues are there ... as any editor which support javascript , html and css can be used...
  6. Thanks,...jjerome,,

    it is very mentioned,,in hello world sample program,,i am able to see hello world on my web browser mozilla..but how to deploy it on the android simulator...
    i am...
  7. Hello all,

    I am very new in secha forum. As i am BB mobile app developer. Today i switch on sencha touch mobile application development using javascript, html5 and CSS3. First of all i downloaded...
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