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  1. Can someone pls illustrate the correct way to extend the Category class?

    I created a new class (Category1) and gave it a new 'type:category1'.

    I get an error when the app is trying to load...
  2. And similarly, reset it back to its original size.

    I added a listener to the chart, but it didnt get called -

    listeners: {
    itempinch: function() {
  3. I want to highlight certain points on a chart that have some significance and show a label for that point.

    I see that markerConfig allows us to highlight all points on the chart. Is there a way to...
  4. I was able to get the item highlight working with the following -

    type: 'itemhighlight' // tap gesture

  5. I tried the panzoom interaction, but that didnt work on Chrome or the iPad.
  6. Ok I figured out what was going on. In my store, I have specified a sorter which orders the data.

    I was setting colorSet by iterating over Ext.getStore('blah').data.all and extracting the color....
  7. I have not specified allowMultiple, which I assume means its false.

    Is this a bug?
  8. OK, how do I go about doing this :)
  9. I want to select a specific row on intial load. Is there a way to specify this via config?
  10. I came across several hits for this topic in the forums, but I am clear what allowDepress implies. I just want to confirm my comment below is correct -

    1. Clicking an unpressed button, switches it...

    I peeked at the code, but it wasnt obvious how the icons were configured to be drawn on the chart.

  12. I have a requirement to associate a specific color to a pie slice. This information is retrieved from the server along with the charting data.

    I have already tried setting colorSet to the list of...
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