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  1. My thoughts exactly...

    I made up the attachment for you, and tested that it is reproducible on a Samsung Galaxy S
  2. The code below is the value of q, which is a custom function I have defined as Object.prototype.findIndex It is only used in one place to parse some incoming data completely unrelated to the code...
  3. In 2 places in my app I have a search field that worked prior to upgrading to RC1.

    this.FriendSearch = new Ext.form.Field({
    label: 'First Name',
  4. The animation = false disables the transition when directly calling setActiveItem. I have the same choppiness with the transitions.
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    Check this out:
  6. Line 12544 of the debug file (no comments): TypeError: Result of expression'q.split' [undefined] is not a function.

    Ext.DomQuery = {

    select : function(q, root) {
    var results...
  7. This is what I use now that they re-enabled transition animations for Android:

    setActiveItem : function(card, animation) {
    if ( {
    animation =...
  8. The Panel object will have a scroller if scroll is set to anything but false on the panel, this includes if a default was set in a parent object for scroll to anything but false. If your panel...
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    Ok, after working on this all morning I finally narrowed down what the issue is, I set this line of code in afterrender of the main screen to keep the entire app from scrolling off screen on slower...
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    Anybody else have their Sencha app kill the mobile browser, or the application wrapped in Phonegap after pressing anything on the first screen of the app (triggering setCard) after upgrading from .97...
  11. You can add something like this to a listener that is fired with each page load, depending on the situation, beforeactivate, activate, show, etc...

    this.TheList.scroller.scrollTo({x: 0, y: 0},...
  12. I ran into a few more scrolling issues, and ultimately the best thing was to run this guy in one of your listeners or methods, depending on the situation, after your screen has been calculated and...
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    Refer to this thread:
  14. This uses the entire string for the group header:

    getGroupString : function(record) {
    return record.get('header');

    This grabs only the first letter:
  15. Gotcha. IDK about dynamically changing the ui, rather than doing that, I generate all the buttons I will need in the universal toolbar with hidden:true and have a method that handles which buttons...
  16. I think you want baseCls. It changes the default class used to define objects that are generated, for example, I use it to transform regular buttons into x-tabbar buttons.
  17. I switched from layout: 'auto' to the following and my scrolling is back. YMMV.

    layout: {
    type: 'vbox',
    align: 'fit',
    pack: 'start'
  18. Still an issue
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    This is how I do it:

    if (typeof(BT.App.ui.Friends) == 'undefined') {
    BT.App.ui.Friends = new BT.views.Friends();
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    You can find the common listeners under Events for Panel in the API:

    Check out on under Public Methods for Panel in the API, that is...
  21. 404 on this css file:

    See if correcting that takes care of it.
  22. Check out this quick screencast they just put out, it covers a lot and is really informative and will probably get you in the right direction:
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    Check out Phonegap, it plays nicely with Sencha and lets you deploy to Apple, Android & the new Blackberry Torch with the same Sencha Touch codebase, just different app wrappers.
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    What I do in my projects is have one list populated by a store where you select an item, an ajax request goes out, the viewable card is switched to the next card, the 2nd store's data is dumped so...
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    To pull in HTML code into your Sencha Touch App you can use contentEl: 'divID' as a parameter for the element you want the html to go into. Sencha basically uses a single HTML file, so to go that...
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