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  1. I have problem with category labels missing in a cartesian barchart. This problem happens with in IE 10 and 11 when this chart first shows few bars and after that shows more bars.
    I have no problem...
  2. Thank you!
  3. Is there a way to create a text-sprite in the middle of a donut chart that shows the total?
    My donut-chart using flex and I want to increase the font-size if this chart getting bigger.

  4. When I´m using the function "Upgrade to Ext 5.1.x" in SA 3.2 it freezes on "Loading MyApp" after it upgraded the project.
    I could see some an error in the background on a pivotgrid (MZ Pivot UX)....
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    I have a treestore that I would like to render as html with an xtemplate.

    I´ve tried different tpl-config on a Ext.window.Window and then try to apply data from a TreeStore but I can´t get it...
  6. When add a new tree item to a treestore and sync it. When this new item is posted to server it will recieve a new id. But that seems to be a problem!?
    "Cannot read property 'getAttribute' of null"...
  7. No that does not work for me if use chart.redraw(). If I add more fields to my chart the legend updates correct but as I decrease the numbers of fields it will not release the old ones.
    Does this...
  8. I have no simple testcase to upload. But maybe you can tell me if I´m doing anything wrong here when I try to update my charts.

    var chart = this.lookupReference("MyChart");
    var store =...
  9. All code I´ve added seems to be gone only the original is there when I load it.
  10. I´ve added some changes to make it more look like the MVVM structure that I´m using with Architect. But I´m not so familiar with fiddle and I can´t make it work.
  11. But if you add groupingsummary-feature and bind a store to this grid does it still works?
  12. I have a bar chart that I load with dynamic amount of y-fields. But the legend will not release these old fields when I´m updating with .setTitle(titleArray) and setYField(fieldArray). They are...
  13. But does each chained store request the server when changing remote-filter or sorting?
    I thought this was only for sharing data an only use one request to the server.

    I need each view use their...
  14. Is there a way have a global store declared and use it in more then one component with their own data?
    I have stores that is used in different views. These views can exist at the same time and...
  15. I have treegrid that I want to send some extra filterparams to the server on each node-expand.

    There is 1-3 extra filter parameters that I want to send to the server besides the the node-id.
  16. I have a gridpanel with groupingsummary-feature and a progressbar-widget. It works when I load it first time (see the first picture) but when loading the store again this error comes up:
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    I have interactions-rotate in my config but I don´t think that the user should have to this. It should be done right from the start.

    Just like you wrote I´m thinking of adjusting the order of the...
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    I need some tips on how to make labels not so messy in a pie chart

  19. I found the problem. I have a top-level Window view with maximizable set to true. When I unchecked this property the design mode started to work again!?

    If I have both maximizable and maximized...
  20. I have problem to get my project to display a view using design view-button. Everytime I click on the refresh-button this error comes up: "Framework error: Cannot call method 'show' of undefined"
  21. I´m using Architect 3.1 and I can´t find "alias" as a config-property for a store. But there is a property called "userAlias".

    I´ve tried the chained store example but I can´t get to work with...
  22. Is it possible to share data between two or more treepanels without interfering eachother when user expand or check nodes?
    I want to share the same datareponse from the server between more than one...
  23. I mean if there is other possible datastructure to load a chart with?

    Let´s say that I want display two years in the example that you linked to:...
  24. I wonder if there is any dynamic ways to load data to a chart.
    Let´s say that I want to display a column chart for 2 objects (could be 1 or more different objects) per month.
    Is it possible to use...
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    In my webapp created in Architect and Ext 4.1 I can´t get a radar chart to show the category axis and there labels. It works fine if I move the chart to another container without changing anything in...
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