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  1. upps, sorry.

    in my application, the posted workarround has many side effects. So I post my workarround, hope this helps somebody.


    alert-Box will be rendered on the top level
  2. Hi,


    create first window: desktop.getWindow(...)
    create second window: desktop.getWindow(...)
    open a messagebox: Ext.MessageBox.alert(...)

    Failue: MessageBox are not...
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    today I try to migrate to livegrid. But I does not find a solution to use a RowExpander-Plugin inside a livegrid (attached screenshot). Hints?

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    ... a very interesting extension.
    'PrinterView's are a very usefull feature. I look forward to see more about this ;-)
  5. Problem:
    create a store call store.load() create a GridPanel, store is still loading PROBLEM: loadMask is not visible

    This Problem will be fixed with this few lines of code:
    First, we need a...
  6. hints?
  7. Hello,

    i try to create a FormPanel which contains a column with a combobox and a checkbox.
    The problem is shown in the atteched picture. I does not found a way to handle the checkbox-layout. So I...
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