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  1. Wagner,

    The code posted here works. The full code for use:

    Ext.override(Ext.DatePicker, {
    // private
    update : function(date, forceRefresh) {
    var vd = this.activeDate;
  2. In English
    I´m using the override from page 2 and put the Nom4d3 correction on page 3. But, don´t works. And I´m using the DateField in FormPanel (see the code), and not call the...
  3. Hi Mofo,

    I get the same error here. When I select the october 18th, the Datefield change for 17th.

    The amazing is that I found the problem with another application that I have with Java, only...
  4. Hi Mystix,

    I´m using Windows XP, and I had the timezone update, but didn´t works. I´m using de override in #13 too, but I´m using the Ext 2.2.

    Do you have any other trick?

  5. Hi mystix,

    I´m from Brazil, and here we use the GMT-03:00. I put your override in my code, and works. But in a specific date 11/10/2009 (october, 11, 2009), the error persist. I select this date,...
  6. I want to make the same, but I don´t understand how make this. Can you help me?

  7. Thanks Animal, for you fast reply!

    But I used other kind of solution and it works. This is my solution:

    var panel = new Ext.FormPanel({
  8. Hi Everyone,

    I´m trying to download a file CSV/XLS from a submit in a FormPanel. First I choice a value in a ComboBox, and than I post the form, and the app will be generate the file. But I don´t...
  9. Hi Dumbledore,

    Thanks for your help. My code works now.

  10. Hi,

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