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  1. Java 1.5
    Mac OSX
    GXT 1.2.3

    If you instantiate BaseModel and then immediately use the remove() method, a NPE will be thrown. Looks like the underlying hash map is lazily created. BaseModel's...
  2. Sadly, I reported this problem a while back when the bug existed in 1.2.2 and no one replied or did anything.

    The bug unfortunately still didn't get fixed in 1.2.3.

    The main reason behind the...
  3. Below is the DataViewEvent code:

    public class DataViewEvent extends ContainerEvent<DataView, DataViewItem> {

    * The source data view instance.
    public DataView view;
  4. Yea, sorry about that. Figured this was an extremely fast and easy one to look at. It'd probably take more time typing up a test case for this one than writing up the a bug report that's easy to...
  5. DataList implements remove(DataListItem) to properly remove the item from the checked list. However, when using removeAll(), the removeAll() method calls remove(T, boolean) directly and does not use...
  6. This is basically the entire code. It causes problem when I try to click on the trigger. Nothing comes up. And the invalid display style gets shown (ie. red). If I don't include any validation...
  7. Sorry, I'll do that next time. It's 3am here so I won't be able to do it for this one now. It's ok if this doesn't get resolved because of not following guidelines.

    I can work around this but...
  8. shipFromAddress = new SimpleComboBox<String>();
  9. Create combo box
    set combo box not to allow blanks (setAllowBlank(false)).
    Set the empty text.
    Add a few sample options to the combo box
    Run test
    When clicking on the dropdown button, the...
  10. Currently, there is no exact way to control whether an event is dispatched or not. A good way to do this is to utilize the AppEvent.doit paramter.

    Say for instance, a view processes an event. ...
  11. Created the following Composite Class:

    public class FolderDataList extends Composite {
    private DataList folders;

    public FolderDataList() {
  12. It's a bit late for me and I don't have the code, but it's very basic:

    Create DataList.
    Register a listener to listen for SelectionChange events. ie.
  13. DataList uses DataListSelectionModel, which extends AbstractSelectionModel.

    AbstractSelectionModel calls createContainerEvent(Container), which is a native method.
  14. DataList currently hard codes some of the style class names directly into the class and rending mechanism. Considering that it overrides the createStyles() method and follows a fairly consistent...
  15. Using and setting the MultiField's spacing does not actually set it in the DOM elements. Upon further investigation, I've narrowed it down to the following possible culprit:

  16. Issue:

    Resizing the browser window after showing a modal window or dialog does not update the modal to cover up the new visible space. The modal panel itself should resize itself to match the new...
  17. DataList's class javadoc indicates that the SelectionChanged event is of DataListEvent type. However, looking at the DataListSelectionModel, you will notice that fireSelectionChanged() creates a...
  18. When a class implements BeanModelTag, the BeanModelGenerator kicks into gear to generate the proxy class. Unfortunately, the generator does not generate a method to override getProperties().
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