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    It's a pity, animate setWidth is pretty interesting. It's true we can use an Ext.Anim, but it complicate the code.
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    According to documentation, the methods setWidth, setHeight, hide(), ... of Ext.Element should take a parameter for animation, but according to the source it seems it doesn't exist. And if I try the...
  3. I confuse event and listeners sorry. I don't understand why there is not 'tap' listeners in Panel.
  4. Thanks, I had found it by my side. But I don't understand why you have made that choice.
  5. I have just noticed there is not any 'tap' or 'click' event on Panel, and in general in Component. I don't understand why because it's useful to know when a user touch a component.
    I my case I make...
  6. I store every instance of my component in myapp.views but I'm not sure it's really useful. I could just have id for accessing my important component everywhere. Subcomponent as toolbar are not store...
  7. I'm looking for a way to launch a function a component creation. Maybe with an event 'start' or 'creation', but I haven't found it.<br>
    I'd like to do something like that<br>

  8. I'm looking for a way to launch a function a component creation. Maybe with an event 'start' or 'creation', but I haven't found it.

    I'd like to do something like that

    xtype: 'list',
  9. I've used sencha touch for some months now. My project begins to be pretty big, but I still don't know how to organize view files. I've a lots of single component embedded into each other for my main...
  10. edit: wrong forum one again, sorry... May a moderator delete this thread ?
  11. In fact I found the method. It's update([data]) !
  12. Hi,
    I have a template embedded in a Panel. The data for the template are received by ajax.
    If I change data how refresh the template ? I don't find any render() or refresh() methode for a panel....
  13. the rudiments seems okay (and the syntax too). Even more you didn't need to call load() from the store, so no need to overwrite the initComponent method.
  14. No way to find what is 'undefined' ?
  15. I think it comes from the interaction of sencha touch and iOS. You should report the bug.
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    You can use the "hide()" et "show()" method of your fieldset. You put the code on the "tap" listeners of your title fieldset.
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    May I see how you define your panels and their layout ?
  18. There is problem with coma. Sometimes you had a coma in the last line of your array or object.
    I've noticed.

    model file : last line of "fields array"
    store file : last line of the store...
  19. Does the bar hide itself once you tap anywhere on your app ?
    Because I've the same problem. At loading the address does'nt hideout until I do something (like touching the screen).
  20. Hi,
    I wonder how the framework block the safari scrolling when my finger slip on the screen, avoiding in this way to show the url-bar to the user ?
    It interests me because if I use an <object> to...
  21. Hi,
    I'd like to customize a list to select item with an On/Off button and send the result. I have two problems, with the documentation I just understand how to add html into a list item but not how...
  22. Unfortunately, as I've just said in the main post. It's not good because Ext.ux.touch.Rating is for form
  23. I use a facebook authentication with sencha touch. I'm not completely satisfy but I make it with the server side flow.
    You can had php code in your index.html to check if the user is logged, if he...
  24. Following my last post, i'm looking for a star-rating plug-in compatible with sencha touch. It's for items of an Ext.List. I've seen there is Ext.ux.touch.Rating but it's for forms. I'd like...
  25. Okay thank you. But I don't understand why it is incompatible. Even if it's not supported, jquery should work because it's in a template and not in a sencha-touch component. And there it's clearly...
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