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    Hello Ext World,

    The project using a layout template which contains a Viewport (w/ border layout) and I'm creating a panel w/ border layout and put panels there. The troubles I have are:

  2. .x-menu-list {
    text-align: left;

    as i wrote, it's just a quick fix.
  3. Looked up the API doc.. but there's no lines explaining what is ".exi" or "height above" all about. Is this a new web geek[guru] jargon?
  4. Did you improve this souce code?

    Your posting causes confusion, here.
  5. I'm facing the same problem and I don't think it's a good idea putting too many records in a store set. As an alternative, I had to modify Saki's component (it has been only three weeks since I...
  6. Hey Saki,

    You did such a great job esp. about this one. It is a bit buggy and needs to be desired (esp. onBlur event part), though. But it was enough for me to create a combo box that comes with...
  7. Because your applications don't reflect the everyday business routine, which is the real logic what academic people usually lack. If you would like to prove yourself, why don't you upload your source...
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    autoLoad doesn't get even the global variable's value.

    There're so many components embedded in the form.. so reader/store is not an option..

    I tried it and it was really headachey and...
  9. I'm having this problem for two weeks and nothing works..

    It really sux.. it does. Finally I figured out after two week's endeavor.

    Ext TabPanel dom model needs to be improved a lot.

  10. I don't understand what you mean.. I don't see any change note for this issue.
  11. It doesn't work
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