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  1. Bump.

    We're experiencing the same problem. I have a Panel, which contains a Form Panel, and the height of each of the form fields is being explicitly set to 0 (e.g. style="height: 0") in the...
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    We're experiencing the same kinds of performance issues with 4.0.1 with grids as well. I've got a gist on github with the code (and some comments with the timings we're seeing across Ext versions). ...
  3. Buffered/Infinite scrolling won't work for me, because of users requests. We actually do want to have paging (100 per page); but even with 100 records, @ 40~ columns it is interminably slow (avg. 3-8...
  4. We're developing some inhouse code using Ext 4 and we have a Grid Panel implemented for displaying large sets of records (could be 10K and up). In previous incarnations, we haven't had an issue. The...
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    Ditto. I had downloaded the trial at work and didn't get a chance to try it out; now I've downloaded at home (Mac) and I have 1 day left. Can you reset if possible?

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    I need to enable a file upload field on a form that I am submitting via Ajax.request. I can't use a standard submit, because I can't modify the backend PHP (per project requirements) to return the...
  7. Any thoughts on figuring this out or how to better debug? Really at a loss here.
  8. Ext.Ajax.request({
    url: c.url,
    isUpload: true,
    headers: {'Content-type':'multipart/form-data'},
    method: 'POST',
    form: Ext.getCmp( + '-form-panel').getForm().getEl().dom, ...
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    I've taken the existing ListFilter.js file and modified it slightly to try and create a Combobox filter (for lists that have larger values than a checkbox list could support. However, I'm running...
  10. the { delay: 1000 } seemed to help (any smaller number didn't wait long enough). Is there a fix in the works for this issue in FF 3?
  11. Yes, it is in an onReady(). Still doesn't work for me. I'm using Firefox 3.01 on Mac, Linux and Windows and it seems to only be happening in that browser. IE 6 on Windows seems to do what I expect. ...
  12. I have a viewport which is using a 'fit' layout and it should contain one Panel. This panel has a toolbar and a bottombar (for status) and it will contain one item itself which is a TabPanel. When...
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    Ok, that did seem to solve the problem. Thanks so much for the help.
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    I tried your suggestion (see following code) and now none of the tabs child panels are rendering. The following code is the entire file, and there is absolutely nothing else going on there. Any...
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    I am having rendering issues with a TabPanel. The TabPanel has two tabs, each contain a Panel that uses "border" layout with two regions, 'center' and 'north'. Both of these Panels are exactly...
  16. please disregard. We had the wrong dateFormat, we should have used n/j/Y not m/d/Y.

  17. We're using extjs here at work, and most things are going swimmingly. However, we have encountered a problem using the JsonReader and the grid in displaying/parsing dates in the future. Each of the...
  18. This is basically what I've been working with, and I'm getting some errors that elude me:


    Ext.ux.PriceField = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
  19. Ok, so I've been playing around with this and I looked through the Combo example and the screencast, but frankly, I'm still a bit lost. It seems that I could possibly extend Ext.Panel, since I need...
  20. Any good pointers on how to go about extending the Ext.form.Field class, or just extending an Ext class in general? I'm brand new to Extjs, and a good tutorial on this would help me out quite a bit.
  21. I'm trying to combine a couple of widgets, namely a SplitButton and a Text Field, along with some trailing HTML text into a reusable widget (component?). I have it working as just a standalone extjs...
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