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    The program receive the params and change it a little.
    The received is
    cmd /C "start cmd.exe /K C:/Users/K/AppData/Local/Temp/temp.bat"
    The /K after cmd.exe tells to execute and keep console...
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    I made a program to run it in background.
    md5sum: 262effd75ea433bb4d68cf0d78de0ca3

    Inside the RAR you have the cmd.exe and it's source...
  3. It is working again now.

    I don't have access to Premium Forums.
    How do i get access?
    I already have my support activated.

    Thank you.
  4. When trying to access
    it stop because of "too many redirects".

    ExtJS 4.1 docs working fine.

    BUG? Dunno if here is the right place to post.
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