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  1. Nothing wrong with borrowing code Saki - I do it from you all the time ;)

    No I haven't tested cross browser, but there seem to be some respectable folks who claim to have done so:
  2. Saki (et al) this is great!

    I thought Ext.apply() did a deep copy until I started getting some weird problems and a quick check of the source code shows it only goes one level deep. Some warnings...
  3. Eccehomo - sorry that didn't work - but thanks anyway.

    Mystix - thanks for pointing that out to me. I was grepping for 'visible' in the docs.

    Unfortunately it doesn't fix the problem of the...
  4. Hi folks,

    I want my Ext.form.ComboBox to be initially invisible and then dynamically appear when required. Currently I'm doing this by creating the widget and then using the setVisible() method....
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    Thanks for the super quick response Evan

    That's the one I did apply. It's really good to know that it will be in the next release. It's also heartening that nobody has been reporting issues with...
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    Hi guys,
    I've read this thread all the way through a few times and can't figure out if Doug's solution or Brian's solution is the way to go so I've tried both and still have problems with an...
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    This is a very handy tool David.

    I see that you sensibly sidestepped the gnarly graphical issues by drag and drop to the tree then rendering afterwards.

    The upcoming GUI tool in Ext 3 doesn't...
  8. Thanks everyone.

    It's interesting (and valuable) to learn about the subtleties of child components, but I don't think your average programmer would appreciate the differences. To avoid unnecessary...
  9. Here's some code that demonstrates the two techniques:

    var MyWidget = function(){
    var myConfig={
    buttons: [
    this.thisButton = new Ext.Button({
  10. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology, but don't they get used in the id= field of the element that is rendered? I suppose that doesn't mean that elements not rendered by Ext components will be...
  11. A lot of Ext examples use Ext.getCmp (AKA Ext.ComponentMgr.get) which returns an Ext.Component for a given DOM id.

    I'm worried that this approach is going to lead to problems where the component...
  12. If you pass an empty items array to an Ext.Container constructor it will fail. Firebug simply reports the error as "comp is undefined" and this problem can be quite hard for the programmer to track...
  13. Does anyone know how to do this? I have a similar problem. If my data load fails initially I have to then destroy the whole TreePanel in order to set a new root node, which is less than ideal. I can...
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    Kind of obvious really

    The enableDD item is for "enable Drag and Drop" - just make it fals or remove it from the config.

    It's wonderful how much just sending a forum post focuses the mind ;)
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    I've been playing around with the excellent TreePanel examples like this one:

    But I can't figure out out to turn off drag and drop of the tree nodes. I've read the docco but I'm clearly missing...
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    Yes I have this problem as well and I see it in IE6 and IE7, but as you say not FF

    I can make the problem "go away" by making sure the grid is not inside a table, but it's not 100% satisfactory....
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    Hi folks, another newbie here

    I wanted to have an editable grid appear within a dialog with no special layout requirements. I couldn't find an example that did what I want, but after quite a bit...
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