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  1. This seems to be a bug reported already here:
  2. I seem to be running into similar errors after converting from Ext JS 5.0 to 5.1 in Architect 3.2 build 75. What I get is:

    Sencha Cmd v5.1.1.39
    [INF] executing compass using system installed...
  3. I stripped the project into bare minimum which still produces the error. Here's the project archive:

    After I open that and switch...
  4. After I exported all the models and stores, and the view and imported them into a new blank project I get the same error in the new project.

    If I create only the view in a blank project, I don't...
  5. I can do it privately. But, I tried it myself: I exported the whole view, created a new blank project and imported the view there, and now I do not get the error message. So that would suggest that...
  6. Web browser shows absolutely 0 entries in the console, I have it open all the time while refreshing the page. The UI works perfectly as expected. I also did both a testing and a production build of...
  7. I have a problem with one particular Architect project. When I open the project with Architect, initially it is able to display the one and only top-level view in the project without...
  8. The Cmd version in question seems to be
  9. It seems as of 4.0 symlinked files are no longer copied to the built app. Regular files are copied. This behaviour has changed since older versions, and for the worse in my opinion.

  10. My workaround has been to fall back to unbuffered stores for the moment, or keep using 4.1. Unfortunately, the buffered store implementation in 4.2.1 is so buggy in many ways it is simply unusable....
  11. Yes, that should do it. Also, another way to do it is to explicitly set the phantom property of the record to true just before syncing, something like this:

    record = form.getRecord();...

    Ext version tested:


    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 28.0.1500.45 beta
  13. I thought the phantom property is there just for this purpose. A phantom record is to be created, while a non-phantom record is to be updated.

    A duplicate id should be detected by the server when...
  14. Do you need another test case as this is marked NOREPRO?
  15. In this case the 'id' field is a unique field the value for which is provided by the user. It is the primary key in the table on the database server. As such, its value must be supplied or the create...

    Ext version tested:


    Browser versions tested against:

    FF 22
    Chrome 28.0.1500.45 beta
  17. This is between 4.1.3 and 4.2.1.
  18. I'm porting an app from 4.1 to 4.2, but I'm having a problem with restful create operation.

    In 4.1 my code used to send a POST for a new created record. In 4.2 I get a PUT, which is wrong.

  19. I would also like to hear if anybody got this working.

    I'd like to move a certain panel between 'east' and 'south', depending on the width of the user interface (initially, and on windowresize...
  20. The line reads:

    Ext.error.raise("pageSize cannot be dynamically altered");

    It should probably be:

    Ext.Error.raise("pageSize cannot be dynamically altered");
  21. Thanks! I found that out as well while looking at the code. I actually changed my code to look like this:

    for (var i in stores) {
    var store = stores[i];

    // Clear all previous filters
  22. I can't load all the data because there are thousands or even millions of rows in some tables. I must apply filtering before loading. That way I only need to fetch that one row, or some subset of...
  23. Actually by trial and error I just discovered that commenting out an earlier call to store.filter() makes the callback fire.

    I am filtering all the stores using some criterion. Here's a more...
  24. Now it looks like this:

    store.load( function () { console.log("load fired"); } );

    But still doesn't print anything in the console log...
  25. Well, you can pass basicly anything as the scope. Here it is an object with two members. You can then refer to "this.myExtraParams" in the callback.

    That version with the 'params' attribute isn't...
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