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  1. In a sortOnDrop Tree, when a node is dropped, CRUD create is called twice (only with 4.2.x) :
  2. Hi,

    I'm new in Ext4 and I need you help please.

    I have two problems with two-tree D&D with CRUD Store.

    1/ In a sorted tree :

    When I drop "item1" from "Tree...
  3. I have a little bug in FF and Chrome (even on the source site).

    In _setEditorSize() function, toolbarHeight and statusbarHeight seems to be incorrect (statusbar is invisible ... overflow).
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    Thanks for this code !!

    I have a problem yet :

    I want to remove all selected nodes.

    var nodes = this.getSelectionModel().getSelectedNodes();
    Ext.each(nodes, function(node){
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    Hi and tanks for this addon !

    I have a problem with the timeField.
    When I configure a timeField with increment, when I choose a date (in the dateField) and I click on the timeField, the time is...
  6. Today a new Safari update fix it !
  7. Hi,

    I wrote a SesaTreePanel witch extend TreePanel (but my SesaTreePanel make a clone of the dropped nodes).

    In my app ( ), I have 3 bugs :

    - When I...
  8. Thanks but could you post a example of it ?

    I try to do a similar thing but it doesn't work for me :(
    h**p:// (if you clic to the "Nouveau menu" button, it create a new...
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    I'm stupid :)
    Thanks Condor !

    But is there any way to add a CSS class on the items config ?
    (Adding a CSS class for all my tabs I want to customize is not realy clean).
  10. Ta page est en ligne quelque part ? (plus simple a d
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    This sample can help you (see the rename functionality)
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    It is possible to customize different tabs in a tabPanel with different CSS ?
    In fact, I want to add a specific css on my tabs: 1st must be yellow, 2nd must be red... for example.

    I try to...
  13. Thanks, but this copy work partialy...

    When you copy a non-opening folder, you can't open the copy :(

    Example here :

    nb: To prevent...
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