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  1. Yeah, there is a much better version 2.0 that I use frequently for work. In spare time, I've been working on demos for it. I'll see about finishing up the demos and uploading sooner rather than...
  2. Finally having a chance to dig, looks like Ext.form.Panel's api config option completely ignores the reader config option. This would have been useful to note somewhere in the docs for api.
  3. I used to use a nasty override of and .sendFormRequest to put tokens in the packet, but a couple weeks ago I looked into the matter more thoroughly and came up...
  4. Never mind, I was having a derp moment for the above, fixed that.

    However, it does not seem to like using CFQuery reader:

  5. I'm trying to use form.Panel's direct load API, and I must be doing something wrong. It always hits a directload failure.

    json i'm getting:

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    OK, so I had the email with our activation code fwded to me, trying to enter that, but it's also asking for password. Which password? My forum account password? My support account password? I've...
  7. When first came out, I played with convience of the direct stores, but was always running into problems, like this one, of something I thought should be there wasn't. I eventually moved to...
  8. I usually build my stores along these lines and have no problems:

    storeId : 'foo',
    autoLoad : true,
    autoSync : true,
    pageSize ...
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    My org recently bought Complete. I previously had the SA3 trial. I've tied my support account to my existing forum account, confirmed it says i'm a premium member, however, i keep getting trial...
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    That's great for support users, but that leaves grouptabpanel unusable in 4.2.1 if the first item can't be reselected.
  11. Nope, but then I haven't tried again with the latest version either. I'll have to give it another kick
  12. Does anyone have a simple example of an based TreeStore (with read and update api clauses instead of directFn) that uses CFQueryReader?

    I'm having the hardest time trying to get my...
  13. If my apps require it and set a certain flag, when I return the API, I inject a little snippet to the end of the API.

    * @output true
    private void function useCSRF(){...
  14. Memory savings?
  15. Thanks Scott!
    That helped point me in the right direction!

    I add:

    { return '*'; }

    before the regular return in the override.
  16. First thing I tried :)

    Have done after insert call, inside an add listener on the store, and manually refreshing from console.
  17. After a store.insert(0, record), I end up like this:

    1 data1 data2
    1 data1 data2
    2 data1 data2
    3 data1 data2
    4 data1 data2

    How can I get the rownumberer to reset after the insert?
  18. So the docs say:
    The url which the PollingProvider should contact with each request. This can also be an imported Ext.Direct method which will accept the baseParams as its only argument.

  19. The op is correct, I'm testing a polling provider too in ext4.1.1, albeit with an ExtDirect function instead of a url, and I am getting similar. In fact, i'm getting worse:

    when calling...
  20. I found a solution that works excellently, overriding the remoting provider to add another base field to the json packet for every call without needing to rely on extraParams
  21. How can I get extraParams passed for store api crud operations other than only Read operations?

    Example, I have a string that i want to pass back to the server, in addition to the other...
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    Never mind... it just started working... :-?
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    I have a form with a 'store' config paramter that loads up my record nicely into my form. I change some data on the form, and would like to commit it back via the store's API (extdirect) 'update'...
  24. So, array vs named, which is the preferred methodology by ExtJS?

    With named, are all values required arguments?

    Do values not listed with the specified parameters (extra params) get passed as...
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    I'm not as positive with this one, but it could be due to your response not matching what was sent during the update. Service appears to have a different value.
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