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  1. ^^That was exactly what I was working with (Google Maps coordinates) and checking in with Foursquare. My solution was as follows, replacing the negative sign with the character 'n' (could be any...
  2. That's fantastic that it's fixed in 2.1.1, but what's the fix for those on 2.1.0?

    edit: for anyone else interested, the easiest solution is to just copy the source for Ext.Container from 2.1.1...
  3. edit: confirmed that sencha app build package fixes this.

    I had been using sencha app build package and using the same files on the web server (desktop access) and in the app store wrapped apps....
  4. A year later, still no fix?

    I'm passing in latitude longitude coordinates and the existence of a "-" (-77.992) breaks (doesn't execute the method) this config:

    routes : {
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    any updates to this? I've also packaged my app natively for iOS using phonegap. Have startup images and icon defined in app.js and neither work
  6. I fixed this by adding an AND to check that scrollable was specifically overriden (it's false by default) on the active list instance's config. This works for me.

    changing line 890 of List.js...
  7. Thank you for sharing this tip! This bug/problem STILL exists in 2.1.1 anytime you manually create a map instead of declaring it in an xtype/config. Since you have to get the maprender event to fire...
  8. If floating is deprecated then why are List disclosures floating? Food for thought
  9. Confirmed here as well in both chrome and in phonegap
  10. Confirmed here as well - only on numberfields
  11. bump please. Even after installing the .msi "fix" for windows (which escapes the slashes) it apparently doesn't check the icon copying. Would be nice to have an official update as even the fix I...

    Configure the scrollable property on your list and define an 'initialOffset.' For example (this is taken from my list config):

  13. idProperty also doesn't reflect changes made by function calls within a mapping, i.e. -

    Ext.define('mobile.model.Roaster', {
    extend : '',
    config : {
    fields :...
  14. Edit: example found here:
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