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  1. What about some solution till fixed version will be released?
  2. I need to use vertical segmentedbutton in left grid toolbar, and add/update buttons after grid rendered (actually - when remote store loaded). But new buttons are placed horisontal for unknown...
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    or even promises for money. I've reported a dozen of bugs with focus manager since last year and no one is fixed now, making me and my customer very unhappy. I can pay for bugfixes, I'm ready to...
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    Is there any possible fix / override for current available 4.2.1 ? Or any terms for 4.2.2 release?
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    I need any possible fix on this
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    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2.1 GA

    Browser versions tested against:
    FF22 Chrome26

  7. still cant solve..
  8. When including extensible 1.5.2 src in classpath - get this error

    [ERR] Failed parsing C:\www\hosts\App2\web\extensible\src\calendar\dd\DropZone.js

    I really dont need to compile extensible...
  9. Thanks, this fixes error but my code still is not working as expected. Please can you explain changes with columns and columnManager in ExtJs4.2.1 ?
  10. I have a code that uses grid columns definition to create some structure from it. With 4.2.1 update it is broken, and this is simply reproducible:
  11. not fixed in nightly ext-
  12. I have same problem with grid.reconfigure but with another error - "TypeError: group.children is undefined ext-all-dev.js Line 157882"

    Any solution for this bug? After click on grouping header...
  13. Actually reproduced too, and causes lots of errors in console

    Any news on this bug? Is double call to reconfigure a safe fix?
  14. Not fixed in ExtJS 4.2.0 GA

    Possible fix described in startpost now produces error:
    TypeError: el is null ext-all-dev.js Line 26783
  15. Reproduced in simple example:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    <title>Test extjs project</title>

  16. No errors in console, issue reproduced in FF10 FF17 FF20 Opera12 IE10

    Attached images
    1 open first object, grid displays correct data
    2 open second object, grid display is broken. You can also...
  17. I have simple grid
    xtype: 'grid',
    autoScroll: true,
    columnLines: true,
    flex: 1,
    columns: [],
    store: new{ fields: {} })
  18. Another related issue. After 4.2 update I'm getting
    TypeError: oldGroupCache is null ext-all-dev.js Line 155194 (155194 out of range 150456)

    every second time when opening grouped grid. Ie all...
  19. Any news on this issue?
  20. Sample1 reproduced with ExtJS4.2

    Sample2 is broken - cant move to button1 button2 by keyboard
  21. I've used Extensible lib only minor times, but cant see why its incompatible with sencha cmd, have you tried to add extensible-1.5.1/src/ to classpath and try to compile?

    Although note my post...
  22. Probably you have to include Extensible src in classpath , or include it togather with ext-all.js
  23. Yes. Not sure that same possible for sencha app build, but only for scripts this command is working perfectly:
    sencha compile exclude -file **/extjs/src and concat -compress ../web/app-all.js
  24. Can anybody explain why running sencha compile .. from sencha app dir and from custom dir (with all same paths) for same set of files produces different output file ?
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    Thanks. Loading of all this js files - models stores views and controllers - solved by 'If a store is going to use a model, that store should require the model' for two stores
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